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About getting banned from rage kick vote

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46 days ago
Quote: Your account has received moderator action, reason: Verbal abuse and inappropriate kick vote https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1477797

My apology for verbal abuse. However, if every newbie is allowed to spawn storage/nano/solar matrix as free after warning, and kick poll is un-acceptable, then simply remove that function, rather than keep ban user from time to time.
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spawn storage/nano/solar matrix as free after warning

Making half a dozen solars at the back of the team's base is not kickable. Perhaps it is bad play with whatever absurd modoptions this game was played with, but I don't understand them at a glance and it is not reasonable to expect a new player to understand them.

Even if it were kickable, placing three map markers with the messages "stop", "fuckingyou" and "fucki" in the space of about ten seconds then immediately proceeding to a kick vote is not reasonable warning.

The moderators would prefer not to remove kick voting because sometimes a teamkiller needs to be removed and no moderator is present. If kick votes were being constantly abused we might do it anyway.

However, since it seems at the moment to be a very small fraction of the community that doesn't understand what is and is not reasonable cause to kick other players, our preferred approach is to discourage it with warnings and sometimes bans for egregious cases or repeat offenders (this case is both).
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45 days ago
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