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Replaced projectile and effect models and crashing

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22 days ago
I've been experiencing some issues, namely projectiles and effects' models being replaced with other models, like the Krow model, Gnat model, and Razor model. The shields are also black when I set it to the lowest setting, BUT this may just be a default setting and nothing's wrong there. The game also crashes a lot now. The Graphics Card in question is the RX 6400, and I say this since clean installs of Zero-K have not fixed this issue.

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22 days ago
I've been having that problem with weird random models being replaced as well, it's kind of weird. There were weird black lined frames coming out of some of my units, and missiles and other weaponry was replaced by wrecks I think.
I have to double check and make sure I'm still having the problem though.
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21 days ago
AMD graphics is pretty dodgy with openGL. Link a crash report that should be generated and posted to github after you crash.
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