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how to be a noob

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ok this is a by nature simple how to:

how to be a noob:

build 2+ preferably 6 storages in the base..

make sure you construct them with 8 caretakers while also makling a detriment and a disco
if you dont know what a disco is dont worry just build the most expencive things and biuld 4 at the same time so none of them finish

starlights also work wonders for hampering the enemys confidence in you
also reclaim the frontline and ball units in the base on reserve

but then recive unkind over angry personal attacks in a game and close off from communicating from bitter abuse
never learn the game because of bad experiences

new noobs arrive but now your good so time to join and bully them

... the cycle

noobs turn into pros and then back into new noobs... and always noobs are frustrating.. but once were we all noob
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thanks, i just tried it but i got kicked from the room in a minute, what was i doing wrong?
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21 days ago
thanks, i just tried it but i got kicked from the room in a minute, what was i doing wrong?

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21 days ago
this is one of the rare moments when doing it wrong is doing it correctly
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21 days ago
Dear sir, you are describing a game that I would spend my weekends playing, please tell me where I sign up.
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21 days ago
Some other top tips:

Make singu and never connect it to the grid. Make sure it is as far forward as possible and completely undefended

Upgrade commander to level 10 and keep him in base so that he is safe.

Don't forget that is one cloak field is good, three are better! Keep the cloakers close to each other to stack that cloaking so that your units are triple safe!

When the team is building a superweapon and you get gifted a caretaker, set it to reclaim the superweapon so that you can make more cloakers with the extra metal

Make sure to give advice to any players with purple stars. These are guys that need your help. Get annoyed when they don't listen to you.

Draw rude body parts where your Bertha is. The other team will sense it and become intimidated.

The path to lobsterhood is hard!
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21 days ago
Circuit AI does a pretty good job by having each factory and constructor idle for a full minute after it finishes building something. I think experienced players tend to forget just how slowly we would process everything and take actions if everything was new to us.
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21 days ago
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