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Should there be a use for ALT+Stop command?

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16 months ago
Woke up this morning thinking about Zero-K and I wondered if stop command had any extended uses for units, considering CTRL+Stop clears a factory queue. Tried it out in-game and CTRL-Stop just clears my selection (and it's probably default setting), but ALT+Stop doesn't do anything.

My idea is that it sets the unit's move state to hold position until another command is issued. The primary use for this would be in early-mid game to prevent your raider from being kited by enemy raider, like in scorcher vs scorcher. Yes I could just use the move state hotkey but then I'd have to remember to cycle it back to maneuver and that is such a skill issue.

Would you find uses for this in your games? If not, anything else ALT-Stop could be used for or should we just not touch it at all and forget about this?

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