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Suggestion : "Behavior" Button in bottom panel

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31 days ago

I suggest to put the "Edit Behavior" in the bottom panel rahter in the info window.

I think this panel is basically for giving general orders to the full unit range of a FAC, and some of the command are already there as buttons.
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29 days ago
I don't really intend for the unit behaviour sliders to be used ingame, which is why the UI for it is allowed to be as unfriendly as it is. What do you generally use ingame behaviour edits for?
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21 days ago
I thought I could use as a preset for each unit type, like putting all badgers in "run like hell" when losing 1% life, and ravager figting to yellow or red. Things like that.
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21 days ago
Hang on, just to make sure, are you aware of the existing Edit Behaviour button behind Space+Click? It does per-unit type presets. I'm not sure how what you are suggesting is different.
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9 days ago
I'm talking about this one, yes.
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