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micro stutter every seconds on some maps

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29 days ago
when playing on some maps such as crucible ihave micro stuter every seconds. (like mini freeze).
disabling steam overlay didn't helped.

i5 12600kf
32 gb ram.
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28 days ago
this has been answered on discord so i'll post the results here:

issue happens with maps (some made by raaar) such as:
crucible v3.1
river of flame v4.1
highway 95 east v2
highway 95 west v2.1

(however it does not happens with highway 95 v5)

googlefrog successfully made a new test version of highway 95 east v2 without the micro stutters.
so i guess the issue has been identified.
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28 days ago
The issue was recreating a draw list at 1Hz within gadget:DrawPreUnit in the one gadget contained in highway 95 east v2. I assume the issue is the same for the other maps.

Dune Patrol Redux was tested and doesn't have the stutter. This map uses ZK-side lua to draw metal spots (and update them when terrain changes), so a solution exists.
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23 days ago
I've checked MF and ZK using engine build 1821 (same as ZK has been using) and didn't notice this issue.

Is it something players can notice every second watching units move or just a small framerate dip noticeable on very high framerates?

Is there a map uploaded with the issue fixed?

Did anyone else notice this issue?
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22 days ago
Is there a map uploaded with the issue fixed?

Attached to this ticket: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/issues/5008
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22 days ago
AMD gpu. Do you have the latest drivers installed?

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22 days ago
I also heard from engine devs that draw lists are no longer fully supported and may cause weird issues like this.
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22 days ago
displaylists work in general but have issues with some AMD gpu and driver combinations.

For some widgets i check for AMD gpu and do not use the displaylists in that case.
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7 days ago
i do use the pro dirvers tho. (for better stability.) perhaps tis is not an issue with the regular drivers?
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6 days ago
I'm pretty sure display lists are not supported. In the sense that the engine devs said they are an old way of doing things that may break.
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