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Countering grizzly - a guide for sea players

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10 months ago
This is based on some tests vs AI - please suggest updates as per own battle experience. The idea was to explore lategame counters to amphballs by ships.

Test 1 (5000 metal):

Amph build :
1 Grizzly
5 Scallop
5 Duck
2 Angler
5 Archer

Sea army 1:
10 cutter
11 Hunter
5 mistral
5 seawolf
5 corsair

- Sea army a-moved into enemy - sea loses with grizzly alive, but escort units killed.
- Sea army moved in with 3 "layers" - cutters and corsairs go first, hunters and seawolves next, with mistrals in the back. This works slightly better with grizzly dead but escorts surviving and killing all hunters and seawolves, forcing ships to retreat.
- Sea army engages with corsairs as suicidal screen, then everything else - outcome is same a before.

In most of these cases the antisub capability was destroyed decisevely, making ships vulnerable to ducks etc. Suboptimal.

Sea army 2:
11 hunter
15 seawolf
1 siren

Siren was sort of useless as it was too slow to engage. Somewhat tenuous victory for ships.

Sea army 3:
23 seawolf

17 seawolf survive, everything else is dead. Minimal micro to reduce AOE impact of archer was applied. very decisive victory for sea.

Sea army 4:
8 siren
2 hunter

4 sirens survive the battle, not as decisive as with subs but siren has more utility elsewhere.

Test 1 (20000 metal):

Amph build :
4 Grizzly
20 Scallop
4 Angler
15 Archer
10 buoy
2 limpet

Sea army 1:
20 siren
15 corsair

20 seawolf

9 sirens survive. Sirens tend to damage themselves when fighting submerged grizzly, intense micro would be needed to prevent that.

So, basically, sirens murder amphbots composition fairly decisevely if you can afford them. With income parity, ships have a somewhat convincing advantage vs amph, as one would expect.

Coming back from behind sea army 1 (20k amph vs 15k sea):
10 siren
40 seawolf

Result - decisive victory for amph with 10k left

Pure siren spam for 15k:
Result is decisive victory for ships.

In case someone is wondering why ships have no AA in the mix - that is because ships have no AA units available, of course.

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10 months ago
I'd generally counter grizzly's with envoys (or subs if they get careless), though, you do need something to make them fire and make themselves vulnerable.
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10 months ago
I would be surprised if some combination of Buoy and Bulkhead didn't beat Siren, provided there is some reason Siren can't just retreat and ping at them with the missile.
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10 months ago
Well the envoy on its own is sorta useless vs grizzly, as grizz dives between shots, and regens all the time. Envoy lacks DPS to deal with it properly.

Bulkhead is something I have not seen used by amph players so far, so it was out of scope of the tests. I am unsure if it would work well or not. Likely, if sirens can clear out the scallop spam, they can retreat and let pack of seawolf mop up the grizz and bulkheads. Also bulkheads would be prime targets for envoy.
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