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Where would aliens land?

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9 months ago
Would be sick for them to land in Roswell and actually abduct cows.
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9 months ago
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7 months ago
A little unrelated,
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7 months ago
Ok taking this a bit serious, where the aliens would land depends on what they want to do.....
They are the ones dropping down from space, so it depends on whatever factors they want to consider.
Say they want to lean more on the secrecy end, then landings in south american jungles, the arctic/antarctic regions, central africa or russia all make sense (excluding rural america cuz radar.... systems also not northern Canada for the same reason).
Do they want to secure some whales (how many get this reference?), then a more costal location near the target habitat/aquarium would be likely. Do they want to go on a killing spree? then Asia would be the location oh choice (China/India/Bangladesh probz). Are they here to visit the pyramids? then Egypt it is. See, all depends on the aliens and their goals. Or they can land in New York or something to troll people....
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7 months ago
No Aliens exist in your flat earth.
Greys or "Aliens" are Demons from the hell.
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