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Game Freezes and won't "Catch up"

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8 months ago
Generally after about 8 min an online game will begin to "shudder", possibly due to a lag spike or PCU spike, sometimes it does not recover. The game will infinitely attempt to "catch up" with no ETA and never will catch up (I have waited ~5 min after pausing immediately). The game then puts me AFK after the timeout. This never happens in single player. I can still chat and pause the game with the keyboard, but I cannot actually "see" that happening.

I know I'm not the only one this happens to, I have had a friend have this problem for years. Due to this never happening in single players I highly suspect this is a network thing, almost like a desync. Nothing about my network has changed to make this begin happening, but either way the game should catch up even if I desync. It began happening after a few game updates ago.

Going back to lobby and re-joining is the only way to fix this and even then it's about 10% chance if it will hang-up on that same point in the game.
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Is this in large battles with many players or many bots?
It sounds like your CPU cannot keep up with the simulation, or that your network is very slow.
In single-player the result will simply be that the game runs slower, but in multi-player you will eventually be declared AFK when you fall behind 10 seconds or so.
Could you post the specs of your PC and maybe your internet speed?

EDIT: Oh, if it doesn't recover after a pause, then could you link to such a game? Might be related to hosting.
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8 months ago
I had that yesterday for the first time.

I think it happened just as a nuke hit after perhaps 30 to 40 minutes gameplay, the game appeared hung for ages, then I waited for the server to catch up, which was like 40 minutes !

35 minutes of waiting, and then the game ends..

Looking at the logs, it seems like it see's 2 games:

Barbary Coves V2 2023-10-22 at 19:07:52
Barbary Coves V2 2023-10-22 at 17:20:38

Large game, many players ( 32 odd. ) no bots.

PC Specs:

6 core, 6 thread Xeon ES-1650 V4 CPU 3.6Ghz, 64Gb DDR4 RAM, 1.8Tb Micron 5300 SSD, GTX 1060 6Gb GPU running @ 1,920 x 1,080

Internet specs:

8 Mbits down, 0.3 Mbits up

It was on a busy Sunday, as such, the internet is always under stress, but first time I'd experienced this issue.
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