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Proxy factory strategy

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34 days ago
I learned that putting a cloakbot factory on the frontlines is very effective in team battles. The only reason I lost with it last time is because a shield army got nuked.

It seems like a ridiculous way to gain an advantage. Let me know your thoughts.

Might be inspired by this video:
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34 days ago
and then enemy impalers and silo show up....
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33 days ago
I noticed that just a single stinger & aspis are enough of a protection. With a good positioning that's hard to engage, it turns into a distraction more than anything.

My current strategy was to build an amph bot in the back, 5 ducks, rush towards mid, 5 buoys, build a stinger close to the frontline, keep ducks and buoys in a line formation at the mid without going further, build an aspis and the cloakbot factory. The clockbot factory is, preferrably, behind natural terrain, or in a hard-to-press position.

With 2 additional plates, it is possible to pump out 15 glaives at the frontline within sheer seconds, along with 6 conjurers (which can get in the right places fast). If need be, every unit is cheap & fast to pump out, and it is far easier to get reclaim. Even if the enemy tries to take out the aspis, chances are, they'll waste time & patience doing so, if not feed the cloak rush.

Here are three games I had with it:

Here is a failed game (which could have been won if not for the nuke):
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I do this too on some maps like Alphabet Siege Dry and Ice Scream.
If there are some highground hills it is particularly good as hills are easier to defend.
But I don't do it on flat maps as you can easily get rushed by several enemy players if you don't get any support.
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Edit: Wrong thread lel
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