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Quant rule, Zaniness and GRESS

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6 months ago
In the theory the Quant rule is good and all, it promotes balancing, but what it does it kills zanyness.

It makes game a pulp derived of character, meaning and goals. Origial TA was about struggle between two factions, one that plays clean - ARM, and other that plays dirty - CORE, and this was illustrated with units representing this methodology. Quant's rule kills this narrative focusing on grammar over purpose and direction.

Longterm effects of it is GRESS. What is GRESS, its neither progress, its neither regress, its GRESS.

Lack of zaniness promotes inccel otakus focused on one subject without life experience to base their judgement. Famous ghost in the shell quote "Overspecialise and you breed in weakness". Anyone who deals with AI or machine learning knows that a project needs certain uncertainty otherwise it gets stuck in local minimums or local maximums.

This was the case for ZK at tauniverse units era and springlobby era. It was a peer based project, where things were tried out. Jetpacks, surfboards, different start algos to promote variouseness of initial startmetal. Those things instead being kept as modoptions were canned. Any improvement falls flat to obsessiveness in balancing.

Now its stuck in local maximum, Its the reason that ZK is losing players. Its death. Sadly any discussion ends up like so,


The meeting from hell
Posted on April 25, 2012 by landon
1 Keep quiet.
2 No, really: Shut the hell up. You cannot possibly improve things. Just let the train-wreck slide to a halt and enjoy the scenery.
3 Smile!

or is simply memory holed by admins:

In 90s developers were doing paintball/mtb/karate and it was additional thing. now ZK is LYF for otakuincels, and everyone is shit scared to break status quo since they have nothing else going on. And it kills the pretty cool project.

This has been case studied many times over, in films like "Santa Claus defeats martians" where martian society is stuck in same local maximum and kids are apathetic and withdrawn, or in recent "Minions movie" where minions derived of direction and meaning from following a master to serve line up to a shrink.

at 1:30

at 6:30

The same social dynamics apply to ZK. If you dont wanna use those libc mentioned youll gonna rewrite printf and end up with same results. Your project, your call.

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6 months ago
I see where you are coming from, and I also think that opening up a bit of space for design could create new enthusiasm and draw in some contributors. That's why I've called for a big shield redesign several times.

BUT, you did notice Odin right?
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6 months ago
Excuse me what the fuck
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I'm going to try a new approach, and just lock this. In the past we've left terrible OPs up and sometimes something good happens as a result. But this is a particularly bad OP, PLrankrookstoo has been doing this for ages, and I've seen more cases of people trying to build a good discussion on a shaky foundation go wrong.

If someone is inspired by something here, great, open your own thread about it. That seems best since trying to reply directly to this post seems like a recipe for miscommunication. Don't wade through a bunch of digressions and wrong assumptions, find something you agree with, then try to show others how to wade in to find it. Take the thing you agree with and talk about it on its own, without the baggage of the rest.
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