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Does anyone have a VC uncle here? (wanna do atv startup)

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4 months ago
Usually my go to is MTB around Warsaw's forest but i was thinking on motorcycles. esp after ESrankmoepmoep left zk alltogether when getting a bike. ESP when zk hatespeech related to the zk-communism is all time rise on self sufficiency and self decisions.

Case in point recent discussion with AUrankAdminGoogleFrog from http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/37336 (TLDR behave in our zk dollhouse as we tell you, or else):

So i was thinking on enduro/atv, and having some mad skillz under belt i was thinking where to allocate my next 7-10 years, and was thinking on starting ATV corpo. My previoius designs hinge on the sandrail type car making, a pipe rollcage skinned with flat sheet metal. but now i have polymer designs, that would allow a ATV in eu L7e-BC quad homologation for like sub 3k€ including machine amortization for 100units and worforce. And would make it amphibious by design.

So many different people roam around here from workers to management to high grade researchers. Do anyone here know a VC guy that i could talk to, ideally in scandinavia region, and present project and talk percentages. Were talking here about 5 people top operation, lowlevel as Glamis Sandrail or Mayer Manx dunebuggy if it rings a bell to someone.

this is my older design from 2016ish i think, i have something more simplified than that. But looking for some VC guys here before cold calling them around EU. so like yea. Who wanna take part in it?

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4 months ago
if people are going to work with you.. lets see how well you do with critical thinking...

what if im an investor and i say..

tempered glass is expensive and would possibly push this out of the consumer range price bracket

how would you react to that investors concerns?
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I will humor your question, AUrankSmokeDragon : in what context do you ask? The litigation of failing to provide safety glass in form of tempered glass can be more expensive than temperd glass itslf, and its lowkey wrong to push crap on consummers considering longterm brand trust... (As an answer to a question about a car using polymer polycarbonate technology and not glass)
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Also the safety glass in many areas of homologations is non neotiable musthave, that lead to lots of highly tuned specialised safety glass facilities so production is streamlined and polished over like last 70 years so kinda industry standard, so in what exact context do you ask?

EU L7e-CP is real, others do it: https://electrek.co/2022/10/17/microlino-light-debut-tiny-electric-car-paris-motor-show/

photo not mine, this is of swiss micrtolino that goes for 15k€, mine is 3k€ and flatter and streamlined for max L7e speeds of 90kmh (with possibility of going big proper car in 5-7 years), and its set for mild offroad having side by side dune buggy surfer car or hiker car that in city works as a groccery getter. Also hybrid, not full electric.

i know how to do it on cheap and good at same time:

Something for surfer/hiker/offgrider demographic that doubles down as a beach buggy.
Something that will be a hit in 2nd world /BRICS countries which economy relies on 50cc scooters.

2 seater mild offroader dune buggy that is a grocery getter, that can float, at the cost of 50cc scooter.

I am looking for people with real VC connections and i know some of you do finance IT or some higher level stuff.

Wanna help out make apple grade POSH mild offroad ATV / EU mini street grocery getter in L7e-CP homologation? (that has potential to be amphibious at no extra cost with the production technology used).

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4 months ago
how can it be 3k? how can your car in the video cost so little? my question was regarding not just the costs of the glass but those involved in maintaining structural integrity of a car with so much glass surface.. because the glass cant be used to absorb shocks
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AUrankSmokeDragon the one in vid is an older design and not that we talk about.

And the one in vid without windmill, without trailer is 7k€. there are cnc pipe bending thechinques, there are 2d cnc sheet metal cutting, and were talking only about that. what you see in that vid is a posh version of sandrail that passes as an urban groccery getter if you know how to rollcage using cnc pipe benders and nifty flat cut panels instead of full on heavy 3d presses used in traditional metal shaping it comes cheap.. think this:

but more posh version of it, like rain proofed.

With all machinery and gymnastics of workforce to pay for it will add up to around 7k€, sub1k€ per engine wheels and power, 1k€ in materials, .5k€ in outsourcing cnc pipe bending and offsetting misc machinery, .5k€ for rent, .5k€ legalese, 2k€ workforce and rest is profit. this ends with a pie to cut with VC of 750k€ profit on 500unit production. thats like 2 units a day with 5 people crew over a year. the numbers are highly conservative, like 2k€ budget in workforce per unit with 2 units a day gives capacity to hire 20 entry level ppl with 2k€/m when in poland 1k€/m is baseline salary so realy conservative numbers, esp were talking here about shit optimised and thought through, and complexity of high end mtb bike or gokart where 5 ppl would easily do piece those 2 units a day. so like better to over budget and have extra gains than other way around.

What you see in that vid is i.e. upper and lower reflectors being same stamped shape, tail lights being led strips, outside hinges. and other measures that make it work on cheaps. you see all wheel fenders of same shape, with front extra stamp step to fit in blinkers or maybe a plastic glued on blinker on top. i have a history in Assembler optimizations along with slavs who did mandelbrot real time alogos on 486 era puters, or translated on fast ones on c64 for shits and giggles.

Since then i figured out even better techique. But thats talk only under NDA with someone of VC pedigree.

AUrankSmokeDragon, so like you know somoene whose into VC or just asking out of curiosity? IIRC you were with Atlasian, i have some other friend but hes CSIRO, so not much business contacts there. I have some highschool guy whos in city of london with business IT, doing yahts with money people, so maybe this, i have ex whos parents are CFO of 3M for poland, but shes deep into making happy pills for DARPA and were not on happy terms rn since whe had all to land a family on offgrid and she chose that crap. some big guys are here as well so like yea. cant hurt to ask.
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4 months ago
AUrankSmokeDragon also one thing about the 7k€ pipe project, its not glass there, but polycarbonate. its a riot shield plastic that adds to structural stability of the rollcage, and rollcage in itself is designed to be rigidish enough. the car is designed to bend, its not a white mans solid structure car, its a surfers dune buggy dressed up as a "car enough". also theres certain design to the rollcage hidden in plain sight that adresses the structural stability, if you have a keen eye you might seen it, but for legal issues regarding prior art im not willing to discuss those on the open internet.

about the 3k€ project were talking about, its doable with .6k€ engine, .4 for materials incl wheels and highly simplified inhouse made suspension and electrics, and we have .5k€ for workforce and legal, leaving still 1.5k€ of profit per unit giving same slice of pie of 750k€ to share with vc assuming 500unit sale per year, which with 3k€ sticker price and amphibious atv and rainproofed city car doing 90kmh on land 50kmh in water is a bargain so yaht ppl will circlejerk around it to have a dinghy like that for shoppiing runs.

ofcourse the secret sauce is in polymer tech used, and geometry of suspension that makes it super sturdy yet supercheap, something i was polishing over last few years. so those things only under nda with real vc's.
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ok... sorry im too poor to finance you

but i can offer you this invisible path.. there you go.. now your on it.. keep going and follow it all the way to the end
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PLrankrookstoo has been indefinitely banned, from the forum and the server in general:
Accusing a developer of hate speech in the same post where you take advantage of their forum and community to promote your startup isn't actually a clever idea. Your overwhelming arrogance and selfishness, on the forum and ingame, for over five years, have exhausted the patience of the moderators and community. Go away.

To be clear, promotion of community members' projects unrelated to Zero-K is okay on the forum/Discord/wherever, but be reasonable. "Don't maliciously bite the hand that feeds you" really isn't a high bar to clear.

This thread is a pretty small part of the reason why Rooks is now banned. It merely happens to be the last straw.
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