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game not uploading and other issues

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25 days ago
Around maybe 2-6 weeks ago i started havings issues with zero k

One that persists till this day is that the game sometimes uploads sometimes dont (and i need to restart my computer to upload it , and sometimes that doesnt help either)

I used to have another issue that the sound to the game would turn off , and sometimes it made just the sound of my computer in genral turn off , and sometimes both

I have AVG free antivirus , and it also lately had issues with zero-k even when i added it to exceptions list , and when the antivitrus is on the game does not let me download maps or replays

I do turn off the Anti virus sometimes to downlaod etc , but it seems even when antivirus is turned off i still have the issue that many times the game just wont upload

(Thanks in advance to any help)
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24 days ago
What do you mean by upload?
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24 days ago
upload = start ... i guess was thinking about load ("game loading") not upload ... so talking about game not starting
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24 days ago
One thing to watch out for is that crash report box lurking. Perhaps ZK isn't actually dead?
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21 days ago
I dont get a crash report box , it just does not load
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Make a copy of your infolog_full.txt and infolog.txt files immediately after you encounter the problem; and post them somewhere.

(It needs to be immediately after, because they are overwritten every time that you launch Zero-K).

There is at least a moderate chance that they contain enough information for someone to be able to figure out what is happening.
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