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Zero-K v1.12.5.0 - Settings Override Fix

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21 days ago
This is a small patch that was released to fix the settings deployment bug. A few other things we were working on made it in too.
  • Fixed a recently introduced issue that caused particular settings to be overridden on launch.
  • Units far from the epicentre of a Shockley impact are now stunned sooner, to match the explosion visual. Which units end up stunned is unchanged.
  • Added a cracked ground impact scar for Quake.
  • Fixed inverted track stretching for, eg, Paladin.
  • Moving a block in a factory production queue no longer re-applies the multiplicative key modifiers.
  • Fixed the commander selector ending up off the edge of the screen on particular scaling settings when shifting from windowed mode.
  • Simplified window resolution switching code to try to make it more reliable.
  • Fixed sun and water settings overrides being too persistent between maps.
  • Fixed the sun on Tempest.
  • Fix thumbnail and minimap images for maps containing unusual characters.
  • Fixed a bug caused by map searches finding no maps.
  • Fixed the player name tags widget possibly being assigned incorrectly.
  • Tweaked the draw order of name tags, health bars, and overhead icons.
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