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Cold Take #12 - Mighty Morphing

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33 days ago
This is the first in a series of guest articles about unit improvement mechanics, and why Zero-K avoids using many of them.

Read it here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/334920/view/6398004206839876250
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32 days ago
This has convinced me that morphing should be gotten rid of.
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Excellent adaptation of the Padme-meme
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31 days ago
This has convinced me that morphing should be gotten rid of.

Why, and what's the replacement?
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PLrankAdminSprung: The replacement being needing to actually build cloakfac, shieldfac and planefac to get area cloaking, area shielding and high speed scouting.

This makes things like Aspis for spiders an actual decision, rather than a fiddly part of the standard escalation.

(the above is not the entirety of the "why", but I'm a bit too low bandwidth atm to elaborate)
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31 days ago
You do in fact need to make airfac to get high speed scouting, but I get what you mean.

What about comm and geo?
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30 days ago
nice work! (also letting non- AUrankAdminGoogleFrog write stuff)
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13 days ago
This article is completely misrepresenting CCG OLs. It's not the price that's stopping you from spamming them but rather build time. CCG is a much faster paced game that simply doesn't give you the freedom to wait and build up an OL army, especially in multiplayer.

"Add extra weaponry for more firepower", what? Gatt upgrade is there to counter the biggest weakness OL has - infantry. An uncompanied/unupgraded OL will just keel over once it meets rocket infantry; gatt upg is there to prevent an OL from needing a permanent entourage that covers it from infantry. In terms of "extra firepower", it really doesn't add any damage where it matters. A ZK equivalent would be Lightning Rifle vs Beam Laser against a fleet of Fleas.

Prop towers turns an OL into a moving healing field, and is such a braindead pick that 99.9% of the time your first OL will upgrade a prop tower. Prop tower benefits the entirety of your army, whereas gatt only benefits the OL itself. Having multiple OLs means a mix of prop/gatt upgrades.

As for the bunker upg, we don't really talk about it. It's a complete noob trap and lacks even a situational use.

"Adjusting to the battlefield" is practically never a reason behind picking a specific OL upgrade. First OL gets a prop, second OL gets a gatt if/when you can afford it. How the game is going doesn't affect this at all.
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