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Goodbye - Cont

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16 days ago
Googlefrog -
"The summary is as follows.
There was a long discussion/argument in #balance about how to treat people with less experience who participate in balance discussions.
RiposteR wasn't in the bulk of the argument, but interjected sometimes in a way that put him on the side of "sometimes you have to be rude to people".
The discussion had some poor takes and did not seem to end up anywhere. There were no moderators involved at this point.
Concerned with the ambiguity about whether bullying people is ok, Aquanim came in at the end to comment "its possible to explain to somebody that their lack of (recent) experience could be making their opinion not useful without being sarcastic or mean about it", because that is the moderator position. Don't be rude to people.
This sparked a much more heated argument, with RiposteR as a major player, but still with no moderators involved. RiposteR took Aquanim's statement to the extreme, saying things like it was sacrificing truth for virtue.
Aquanim returned at the end to make clear that RiposteR was wrong; telling the truth does not excuse arbitrary meanness. Then said that the argument is over.
RiposteR continued trying to argue it, but also started prosecuting up how poorly treated he felt during the heated argument on whether it is ok to be mean to inexperienced people commenting in #balance.
RiposteR then received a 10 minute mute after ignoring increasingly harsh warnings that the argument was over, and that if he feels mistreated he should report it rather than trying to argue it out here.

I am sad to see anyone go, and I hold out hope that the heated discussion pushed people into more disagreement than actually exist."

As someone that went inactive for 2 years because of Aquanim, I can 100% see where Riposter is coming from. Googlefrog's post doesn't state who muted Riposter but I'm just going to assume it's Aquanim. He is a consistent hypocrite on the issue of "being rude to people" because he is also guilty of it on many occasions, some of which are against newer players. Aquanim always tries to argue with others instead of taking simple stances and statements on certain issues. Then he cries that he is done with the conversation and follows up with modaction because his feelings got hurt during an argument. (which he often instigates)

Just a heads up for any of you that think this game is a "community". It's not. It is Googlefrog's little project to spend time on when he's not working at his actual job. He doesn't care if Aquanim is a badmin and treats the community like sh!t because this game does not make any substantial amount of money.
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15 days ago
Very accurately summarized. Very relatable.
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15 days ago
That's why I've been saying we need an independent forum to discuss these things cuz otherwise these threads end up getting locked and ppl don't get to freely express their opinions.
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15 days ago
USrankUnLuky you're not doing yourself any favours here, because I had a look at your previous penalties.
WARNING: Do NOT use racial slurs or draw swastikas. This is a warning
PENALTY: We do not tolerate language that is abusive, bigoted, racist or sexist. You were warned yesterday
PENALTY: We still do not tolerate language that is abusive, bigoted, racist or sexist: B846340, B846348
PENALTY: Smurf + griefing
PENALTY: Racism, antisemitism and homophobia in 951664 + later smurfing

Guess how many were issued by myself or Aquanim? None.

According to reports your "Incident with Aquanim" happened four years ago when you straight-up left a 3v3 at the start because you didn't like what your team was doing. You then flamed the team that you just caused to lose ("did you guys have fun losing?" and "i sure as hell ain't gonna play when i know i'm going to lose") after the game ended and indicated that you'd do it again. A kick from that lobby seems entirely reasonable.

Anyway, nice "toxic guy wants to be toxic" gripe post about moderators being "a bit rude" while trying to contain your numerous instances of antisocial behaviour. I guess you've saved us some time when the reports against you start rolling in.
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