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List of past tourneys

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6 years ago
Think it would be nice to have list of past tourneys.
So far I made: http://code.google.com/p/zero-k/wiki/TourneyArchive
The early tourneys mostly fizzled out, so can not always put a definitive winner.
The forum search is not ordered by date, so makes it a bit difficult to find everything.
Feel free to fill in the gaps...

Maybe in future all ended tourneys can be added asap, so that it will always be up to date.
Think it would be good idea to follow the format of the currently last 2 items, with small picture (for nice optics) then link to further information, then winner. If there there is lots of information about one tourney (for example complete list of games) then create a new page for that and link it.

Guess such page should also be linked from somewhere, so that it can actually be reached.
But did not find good place for that, maybe in "Community" tab?
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6 years ago
Maybe even a separate highest-level tab.
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6 years ago
"Hall of Fame"
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I'd like to reformat the TourneyArchive wiki page to make it easier to go through. Below is what I've edited so far. It will be more of a chore to add tournaments using my format, but worst case is that future tournaments recorded don't follow it and I don't see that as a big deal. I'll only submit after I'm done with the whole page. Any objections or suggestions? And were there any tournaments played from 01.10.14 to today? Or any others missing from the wiki. Besides the 1v1 on 04.06.2016 and the 2v2 on 02.04.2016.
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4 years ago
Feel free to do whatever you like with that page, but it is old stuff.
There exists https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K-Infrastructure/issues/202 "website: add link to tourney archive" - since 3 Nov 2014

There was no interest to add such manual-updated tourney archive page to the site because soon (tm) everything would be automatic, because automatic tourneys is the only way to handle all the many players from steam and you can have a cup in your profile.
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4 years ago
Ah, cool. I'll change it anyway. It's not likely the old tournaments would transfer over to the new archive anyway, is it?
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