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By [i]burp

Gargantuan Fields of Isis. Original by SirArtturi!
Size: 112 x 8


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7 years ago
Doesn't this give gargantuan lag due to size?

I'd love to play on one of those elongated maps, but I already lag on smaller maps.
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Most maps like this actually crash before they finish loading. I'm guessing if you already lag on small maps than this will be literally unplayable for you. Feel free to try though, I might be wrong.
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It's a 112x8 map. Asking whether you'll lag on it is like asking whether cyanide is cheap enough to put in your coffee.
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Now play 64v64 on this map.
(If spring would support it)
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7 years ago
How much does spring support then? I thought there was no limit beyond CPU of host(s).
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7 years ago
cyanide is cheap enough to put in your coffee.


only 60GBP/kg reasonable enough :D
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7 years ago
The only thing the "host" (the spring server) does is distributing packets. The CPUs of the players are the crucial point here.
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Spring supports maps up to 64x64 without problems, beyond that labels don't work properly. The greater challenge is having enough memory to compile maps of this size. At 22x22 I begin to encounter problems with mapconv
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7 years ago
I suggest we make garg field of isis 10X wider just to test springiee:P
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It is perfectly playable. We just had a big game on it:

There wasn't much noticable lag, but we had an unit limit of 75 per player which certainly helped.
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5 years ago
Automatic system that adds 75 unit limit per player on each big map will be interesting.
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10 days ago
Hello ! Here is a bottle in the sea :
Zero-K never show this map that I've downloaded and put in the maps directory.
I am compelled to play it online.
Is there a thing I've missed to proceed ?
Thank you for your future and constructive help ! ;)
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Untick only featured maps in options or use !map command
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9 days ago
Thanks a lot !
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