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RandomMapGen12x12 1.6.12 ZK Supported

By Doo, sprang

A random Map generator (12x12)
Size: 12 x 12


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3 years ago
The startbox mexes were always clustered to the corners of the NvS and EvW boxes, and that's fixed in this version. Ice is also softer than normal terrain now.

Replace the old version with this one, please!
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3 years ago
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18 months ago
This map needs to be re-uploaded.
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17 months ago
This map needs to be re-uploaded.

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I think I found an issue with this map:


If you check the replay, you see that arround 43% of the replay, I try to terraform a space for a fusion next to my factory. By doing so I accidentally trap some friendly units in the terrafromed space. I will try to fix this issue at arround 61% of the replay by using the "restore" terraform command. But this just leads to the designated area being sunk very deep until I stop it.

Could it be that the game thinks that restore means lower to zero height in case of this map? Could this be because of the autogenerated nature of this map?

Could someone with some mapknowlege comment on this issue?

Edit: I checked if I could reproduce this error on random Crags and I was not succesfull: http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1396057?

Edit again: I was able to reproduce the Issue in this Test: http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1396063? I now realised that only the restore command is broken and that it was unrelated to the other terraform commands or the fusion reactor. The "restore" command lowers the terrain to height 2.
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15 months ago
Crags / Plateaus and the maps derived from that root do a special thing which this map does not.
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3 months ago
Supported, I think other random maps have moved on.
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