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LimeQuat Republic v1.23 Featured

By DavetheBrave

Procedurally Generated Map for 8-16 players -- Based on Banana Republic by aeonios/esainane/Manu12. Adapted Terrain/Texture Generator from https://github.com/GoogleFrog/Random-Map. Lava gadget and gfx from http://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/58456
Size: 14 x 10


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18 days ago
New Version:
-Opened up the middle of the map
----Cliff areas now mostly spawn on the map edge
----When they do spawn in the middle they are smaller
----When they spawn on the map edge they can be quite large and almost always have ramps.
-Added some brown to the texture
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17 days ago
A smattering of random maps:

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Nice to see an update. I'm not sure I like the middle being more open. Edge cliffs are great, but I'm not sure they should come at the cost of middle play area and variation.
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16 days ago
I think this version produces more variety, as the way the cliffs spawn on the edges effectively changes the shape of the map.

In the end, I want to make maps that I, as well as others, would want to play. I felt that the prior versions too often generated maps that had an overwhelming amount of high ground in the middle of the map, leading to matches that weren't particularly fun to play. Closing off the sides somewhat only exacerbated that issue.

I'd be interested in hearing more feedback, especially once a few more games have been played on the map. To consider allowing more high ground in the middle, I think I would have to up the overall size of the map.
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15 days ago
this version feels much more closer to banana republic than the other ones, which is cool
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