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Rustcrown Canyon 1.2 Featured

By PtaQ, Moose

A lush river cuts through the bottom of this deep chasm. East vs West.
Size: 20 x 10


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10 months ago

The bottom left corner has always been short 1 mex compared to the other side, this update adds one metal extractor location to correct this.

Looks like the water-painted minimap didn't make it in, true water level has not changed.
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I have replaced the minimap with the image from v1.1, I assume it is much the same. The ingame version will have worked already, this just affects the thumbnail on website and in lobby. Cached versions of the old minimap may still persist in both until you clean the respective caches.

(If there is some meaningful difference in the minimaps, it is possible to replace the website/lobby image with an image you provide of the correct dimensions and file type. Download the existing image from website to determine what this is.)
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10 months ago
The 1.2 minimap shows mexes, but I think showing water is more important.
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