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DunePatrolRedux v1.0

By Estetika

WIP Map by Estetika Art, new texture by sprang, remastered by Aquanim
Size: 12 x 8


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Well, the features are not really all that amazing, but the mex spots are fixed.


- Metal points have features indicating their location
- Metal points are all +2.0 and are symmetric
- Tree hitboxes drastically reduced, rock hitboxes moderately reduced
- Rocks moved slightly to make them equidistant from start locations
- Heightmap around oasis tweaked slightly to make coast look better
- Start boxes expanded for 3v3 and up
- General modernisation of internal file structure

Tested in a bot match and it seemed to work fine, so featuring over the previous version.
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When was the middle made completely land unit pathable? It used to be a landbridge dividing 2 deeper regions. I just lost a game because of it.
Pls fix it back.
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The middle lake of Dune Patrol was always completely rover-pathable, but land units did move faster on the bridge in the middle.

I am not a big fan of underwater areas which look largely the same but behave substantially differently.
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