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Hourglass v1.3 Featured

By esainane

Time drips away in this remote, desolate, and corroded wasteland. Seize resources quickly, and the world's valuable metal salts will be yours! Concept by Manu12
Size: 14 x 14


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3 years ago
!map to this version in lobby caused the download links to be registered properly... go figure.

Supported for testing. If it works should replace v0.3
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3 years ago
New version! Previous version at https://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/58413

  • First public stable release.
  • Lowground variation added to extreme north and south.
  • Two of the rear ultrasafe mexes are dynamically disabled at 1v1 size.
  • Two mexes close to the center become supermexes in large teams.
  • Reclaim values of all features reduced by 40%.
  • Feature models doubled in size. Feature colvols fixed.
  • High quality texture update.
  • Texture generation adjusted to provide more variation over different flat heights.
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3 years ago
This map looks like it has the giant tree stumps from the Walchice campaign description.
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