Reclaim Command

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A constructor can un-build a unit or a structure and replenish resources. Some map features can give an amount of metal, energy or both in reclaim, depending on the map.

Killed Units leave behind a wreck, debris or nothing. Reclaiming the remnants is encouraged and may lead to economic victory. However, reclaiming them does not provide energy.

  • Wrecks can hold 40% of the original unit metal value.
  • Debris can hold 20% of the original unit metal value.
  • Reclaiming an alive unit yields 80%.

Additional Information

  • Resurrecting a wreck with Athena first refills reclaim bar for the wreck if it's not full yet.
  • Only case when you can receive full unit's worth is when you cancel unit production in factory.
    • Canceling factory production refunds only metal cost, energy cost is not refunded and is lost.
  • Reclaiming unfinished nanoframe seems to be particular case of reclaiming alive unit and as such, refunds 80% of metal cost.
    • You can reclaim your own nanoframes and alive units.
    • You can reclaim allied and enemy nanoframes (even if it is currently building). Allied reclaiming is generally considered offensive: Read the Code of Conduct!
  • Reclaim speed is the same as the constructor's build power. For reclaiming alive units, this means the metal income from reclaiming will only be half the constructor's build power due to only receiving 50% of the full metal value.