Resupply Command

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Resupply Command will cause the unit to seek out the closest empty Airpad, Airplane Plant or Reef for health or ammunition replenishment.


Resupply can be issued only to air units: gunships, planes, and the Athena. It can be issued only to units that are either damaged or need rearming. It does not have a default hotkey, but one can be bound in the settings menu. If a unit has been issued the Resupply command but does not need rearming or repair (for instance, issuing the command to a damaged unit, then issuing the Wait Command and repairing the unit back to full health before issuing Wait again) the unit will still seek out an Airpad, but will take off the moment it hits the pad. It can also be issued by right-clicking on an Airpad or another landing zone and is issued automatically if a bomber has an empty queue and has no ammo.

Normally, it is impossible to issue the resupply command to drones due to their uncontrollable nature, though drones can also accept the resupply command through Cheats.


Resupply is excellent for replenishing the ammo of bombers or the health of planes. It can also act as a manual retreat command for fighters and gunships.