Resurrect Command

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An alternative to Reclaim, resurrection is a late-game option that allows players to resurrect wrecks of units and buildings. Only Athenas and Commanders with the Lazarus Device (which in multiplayer requires the Engineer chassis) are able to resurrect units. The default hotkey is T.

The case for resurrection comes up mostly at the later stages of the game, as it requires copious amounts of Energy. While Reclaim grants you 40% of wreck's metal cost, with resurrection you need to pay 200% of its value in Energy in order to restore it. In late game, however, Energy is generally abundant, and an ability to reassemble valuable units, armies or defensive lines for no Metal payment is invaluable.

In conclusion:

  • Resurrection takes 200% of target's cost in Energy and returns 100% of its Metal cost by fully reviving it.
  • Reclaim takes 0% Energy directly (though you will later need Energy to use the resulting Metal) and returns 40% of its Metal cost back into your pocket.
  • Resurrection can take effect only on wrecks. Self-destruction, large explosions, Ultimatum's gun and any other weaponry inflicting large amounts of burst damage will render the target unresurrectable.
    • As such, debris is useless for resurrections and should be reclaimed.
  • Resurrection takes quite a bit longer than reclaim. Also, if a unit was partially reclaimed earlier, you will need to refill its Metal wreck beforehand.
  • Resurrection is best used late in the game, with abundance of Energy, to quickly replenish your forces, or even to take dead enemies to fight for you.