Fire Special Weapon Command

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Unique weapons, activated separately and manually by pressing D by default. Unlike Unique Commands arsenal, those weapons function more like already existing ones in overclock mode.


striderscorpion.png Cmd dgun.png

The Scorpion infiltrator has a medium range (about most skirmishers' reach) multiple-hit stunner. Upon activation, it strikes in a small arc, completely disabling anything in its path (including friendlies). Combined with Scorpion's inherent personal cloak, the unit gains large tactical usage, as it is capable of both stealthily approaching and disabling large chunks of tightly grouped armies and high-priority units, or even helping to stage its own escape.

Napalm Rocket Salvo[edit]

striderdante.png Cmd dgun.png

The Dante assault/riot strider has a medium to long range napalm rocket salvo. When activated, the strider launches a barrage of 20 missiles, each dealing low damage, but leaving a strong napalm concoction behind. This weapon allows Dante reach over its intended (and expected by your enemies) range, even allowing it to go past the salvo's range itself, as missiles can fly way past their maximum launch radius. Rocket salvo can be used to dispatch bunched up light enemy units, deter skirmishers which can put pressure on this strider due to range advantage, or even punish air force fleets of your enemies.

Disarm Missile[edit]

shipcarrier.png Cmd dgun.png

The Reef aircraft carrier has a long range disarm missile. When used, it disarms any unit or structure in a large radius. While Reef is able to stock up on those missiles, allowing for rapid fire, they're also quite costly (150 metal apiece), and their production consumes 5 metal each second.

EMP Missiles[edit]

striderbantha.png Cmd dgun.png

The Paladin support strider carries EMP missiles. This allows it to launch salvos of 12 such armaments, providing complete disabling effect over a large area. Firing this weapon at farther targets sharply decreases its accuracy. This, in combination with Paladin's long range and lightning cannons allows this strider to contain large portions of enemy army, offer support during attacks and more.

Obliteration Blaster[edit]

striderdetriment.png Cmd dgun.png

The Detriment ultimate assault strider has a powerful obliteration blaster. The weapon fires ten powerful shots in quick succession, dealing heavy damage. Use mainly against enemy striders or other heavy units, as a single volley can kill any unit from full health except a Paladin or another Detriment.

Commander's Special[edit]

commstrike.png commassault.png commrecon.png commsupport.png Cmd dgun.png

Once Commanders upgrade to level 4, you can choose to forgo a second normal weapon to gain a special weapon. There are several options, depending on the starting chassis. These include:

commweapon_clusterbomb.png Cluster bomb — available for Guardian and Recon — lets out a close-range shotgun-like blast of 8 high-damage pellets. Comparable to rocket salvos of Revenant.

commweapon_concussion.png Concussion shell — available for Recon — fires one short impulse with medium damage and strong toss effect.

commweapon_sunburst.png Disintegrator — available for Guardian and Strike — directed beam of energy with an extremely high alpha damage potential, functions like Ultimatum's cannon.

commweapon_disruptorbomb.png Disruptor bomb — available for Strike, Recon and Engineer — launches a single bomb with large AOE blast inflicting slow effect on targets. Think of it as of a larger area Limpet on request.

commweapon_napalmgrenade.png Hellfire grenade — available for Guardian and Recon — launches a single bomb with large AOE blast inflicting low damage and leaving a strong napalm concoction behind. An Inferno-like deterrent.

commweapon_multistunner.png Multi-stunner — available for Strike, Recon and Engineer — strikes in a small arc, completely disabling anything in its path (including friendlies). Somewhat weaker equivalent of Scorpion's special weapon.

commweapon_slamrocket.png S.L.A.M. — available for Guardian — launches a tactical nuclear missile with high vertical arc-like trajectory. Functions as a somewhat weaker equivalent of Eos.