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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.7.11.0
Engine version: 104.0.1-1435-g79d77ca
Started: 26 days ago
Duration: 36 minutes
Players: 16
Bots: False
Mission: False
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24 days ago
Sad game.

west(my team) starts back. East starts front.

East reaches supermexes first, with like 3 cons some porc behind and some sythes/units. I weave a kodachi through, and besides that east is silent with raiders/cons. East does not contest north mex. East has a 1.1-1.2 econ ratio.
West moves slowly. I fumble tanks around mid with little support. Jummy gets very good early value out of bombers. East starts porcing mid, uncontested, although supermexes aren't fully protected.
Tremor wars start. Mike starts a super far back shield/defensive line, the shields and eventualy lucifer are just about his entire contribution to the game: porc just a little too far back, not even in range of the supermexes. much too passive. Jummy starts building bertha and now has AFK bombers.
East builds a singu and links 2 supermexes. Eco advantage: 2.0.
West builds antinukes cause jummy scouted pluck nuke. nuke blocked.(pluck says 'fuck it' and turns to larger weapons)
Long game, people start getting board on the front and feed striders to west.
Remeber that 2.0 eco advantage? East has now produced 50% more metal than west this game. That's 100,000 metal more. They win withzenith in the backline and multiple superheavy striders on the front.
This game was decided in the first 2 minutes.
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Well, that's kinda what this map is meant to play like.
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23 days ago
goes without say but the map layout is tempting to eco rush, but tis so important to get a respectable front start, else all the big mexes and others get gobbled up, eco rushes cant compete with the mexes
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