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Zero-K v1.0.5.1

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6 years ago
May's first stable version brings with it both gameplay and interface improvements.


  • Added a resurrection award
  • Added rising lava, controllable with modoptions


  • Cost 125 -> 140 (12%)
  • HP 500 -> 560 (12%)
  • Damage 32 -> 50 (56%)
  • Speed 2.5 -> 2.8

  • Missiles fire over 2.8s instead of all at once (Shadow will drop its bomb before being killed)
  • Reload time 8 -> 10

  • Missiles are exclusively EMP; can be fired in a volley
  • Loses the super optic blast

  • Doubled terrain smoothing effect

  • Leaves a smaller mound

  • Range 450 -> 440

  • Missile slower, turns better

All vehicles, tanks, hovers and ships accelerate 3x faster

Fixed some building yardmaps

Terraform costs half as much

All units prefer not to fire at unarmed targets (including Dirtbag and Razor's Kiss)


  • Changed comm teleport effect
  • Tweaked sumo texture


  • Added progress bar for midgame join/rejoin
  • Fixed a bug where mexes could be placed off their spots
  • Float and Fire at Radar can be hotkeyed
  • Pause screen no longer closed with right-click; Space-click for options instead
  • Kamikaze units aren't counted for resign on self-d
  • Minimum weapon reload time for healthbar display can be changed
  • Build ETA can be set to display only on holding down Shift
  • Fixes to pylon circle drawing

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6 years ago
oh my...
vehicles 3x faster accel and better slasher
i fear for vehicle dominance in 1v1 red comet. Scorchers and darts were already starting to dominate. will have to wait and see.

I am really interested to see how slashers work out now. :-)

as usual many thanks for the great work you put in to this game!
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6 years ago
not sure about the Bantha emp missiles.. that makes two striders now focused upon EMP.

otherwise great stuff. Light vehicles just went from very good to very very good.
Did the AA light vehicle make it in?
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6 years ago
so it fires normal missiles and emp missiles or aonly emp misiles?
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6 years ago
Now say it have 2 Tachyon Accelerator, but from "Loses the super optic blast" you mean it have none?
My GPU die, and i can not see the game, so what happened?
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6 years ago
Tandstickor, I tried out Slashers yesterday and they didn't feel OP, but maybe I was using them poorly or they got countered really well.
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6 years ago
I can't wait to try out slasher-spam. I'm thinking the striders, in general, could use a re-think. I mean, each Strider individually is interesting, but they dont' seem to have any coherent relationship and roles.
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6 years ago
^ they are not meant to function in groups. the ultimatum, dante and catapult have clear roles.. even the scorpion has a role of sorts :p
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6 years ago
I'm sad a change to the icon distances for different graphics settings didn't make it into this patch. Oh well, I'll just have to change it manually.
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6 years ago
Non-game updates can happen at any time. But default ZKL settings are only deployed for new players so current players would not see a default icon distance.
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