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[10/27] 3v3 Spooktacular Tournament

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Hello Zero-Kills fans. We're hosting a 3v3 tournament slated for Saturday October 27 @ 18:00 UTC.


1. Please sign in in #zktourney. Signins open up 1 hour before the scheduled time. Just type _Shaman: Signing in (or similar!) Failure to do so before the scheduled time will result in disqualification.
2. There will be a map pool selected for the tournament. See map pool.
3. Standard 3v3 tournament format. (4 round Swiss -> Bo3 DE Finals)
4. Signups are open until the scheduled time of the tournament.
5. In event of a bracket reset during the finals, the audience will vote on a method of execution sudden death.
6. The WHR limit for this tournament will be 6600.
7. Standard tournament etiquette applies.

Map pool

This go around we're going to have an open map pool. Users who use this form can contribute maps to the map pool! Highest requested maps get placed inside the used pool while others get put on the replacement pool.


Match 1: Adansonia v4.1
Match 2: Valles_Marineris_v2
Match 3: Forgotten_Crossing
Match 4: Real Europe


Round 1: CenterrockV12
Semi-Finals: Titan 3.1
Finals: Nuclear Winter

Round 1: Dead Reef
Semi-Finals: Plutonium Fields
Finals: Conquest of Paradise


Audience vote: Zombies or Chickens [suicidal]

Starter: Duke Nukem (Chickens) or Hotstepper (Zombies)

Replacement pool:
Indonesia v4
Geyser Valley
DarkSide Remake
Energy Spire Plain
Escarpament v2
Four Lakes
Kappa Basin
Coagulation Marsh 0.7

You can find the signup sheet here

==Current Signups==

This list is not complete (yet)


RUrankizirayd, RUrankFirepluk, CHrankAdminDeinFreund
AUrank4hundred, DErankManu12, TBA
DErankkatastrophe, TBA, DErankTopkack
FIranksprang, ROrankDr0ppy, TBA

Edit: Sunday -> Saturday (same weekend)
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9 months ago
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9 months ago
What is the theme for the dresscode?
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When suggesting a modified Zk Swiss I was intending for that to be done by the Matchmaker. Otherwise you will have a lot of work on your hand calculating scores and getting players into matches manually.
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9 months ago
I've come up with a system for it. Just need my new powers is all. I'm keeping track of scores via googledocs.
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9 months ago
What is the theme for the dresscode?

pants recommended but not mandatory.
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9 months ago
The dress code for this tournament:

* Wear lobster suit
* Resign cuz lobsters
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9 months ago
*Lobster salt
*white flag
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SUNDAY?, this is 4am monday morning, think you have ruled out Australians.

Maybe i can make it, be a tiresome day at work, and may have to leave for finals games if reached, cuz work. Saturdays are best, remember the time spreads over 24hours across the globe. Just because more players on a lazy sunday evening, more will be time limited if they go to bed early for week day work. Sunday is stupid imo. Consider Friday\Saturday?
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I did it to please moleculeman and his faction of "people who would sign up if it was on Sunday". Needless to say, it seems they don't want to sign up, so back to Saturday we go.

Should've stayed with my policy of "bring data or gtfo".
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9 months ago
I probably won't make it to my pc on time on Saturday. Either way, is the pluk team still alive at all?
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9 months ago
I'm not fully sure, but if you can't make it, that's fine. Attendance closes at time of the event, so if you can make it I'll reserve your old team for you (if they sign up as well).
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9 months ago
Welp, I was able to cast on the 28th, but I arranged a housewarming party for the 27th, so that's blocking me casting the 27th. Sorry about that.
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9 months ago
Lel. It's okay. Poeple didn't want to sign up to be casted anyways. (But I wanted my disaster slide to be casted... :\ )

To make it up, I'll draw you some epix background art or something for when you do stream it.
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Oh if it's on Sunday i can sign up, just need to arrange teammates and abstain from getting too wasted the previous night like i did the last time.

Goddamnit shaman make up your mind
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9 months ago
Ad me to signups
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9 months ago
I originally picked sunday because molecularman or whatever his name is complained on the forums about it not being on a Sunday. Then 4hundred complained and was more convincing. Now it's a saturday again.

Resign Anarchid! Complain louder than 4hundred :P
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9 months ago
Just leave it be now. Do regular tournaments and try to switch up the times between them so you get different players. Don't switch the time after announcing the tourney.
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9 months ago
Me and RUrankizirayd are in,
CHrankAdminDeinFreund? :)
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9 months ago
Lobbing up
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