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Hercules Transport Bug

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10 months ago
If you have a Detriment in your Hercules and if the transporter dies then the Detriment will fall in a different location. What I mean is that Detriment will teleport to a close location close to the Hercules wreck area, sometimes quite far away.
The bug is recorded right here :

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10 months ago
Seems the game checks collision of the transport, but does not care about carried unit until transport finally dies.
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10 months ago
good work forever i can just picture googlefrog about too finally fall asleep when he gets the late night phone call and rushes back to his office in his PJ's to fix the issue
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10 months ago
Poor AUrankAdminGoogleFrog. I will try to make videos of each bug that I encounter so they will fix when they have the time.
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A lot of your cases weren't really fair, because the herculese seems to have died in different sevarities.

I did some more drops

Scorpions: 0:00
Dantes: 1:17
Paladins: 2:28
Catapults and Funnelwebs: 2:51
Detriments: 4:11

More testing to be done, but it looks like the shield hitbox of funnelweb is used. Detriment behaves very strangely, and there always looks to be a little strangeness when units decouple after death, but it's definitely more pronounced for some units.

it also is strange when a unit passes underground carried by Hercules the intersection point with the ground is behind it.
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10 months ago
Seems like this could be fixed by forcing the transport to drop its unit right as its hp hits 0.
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