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Zero-K v1.7.11.0 - Balance and Quick Modding

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This is a balance update, primarily regarding Emissary and Cloakbots, and also includes some vital fixes. There is now a quick modding system that can be used to test out balance, or perhaps just to create wacky game modes. The current position of Cloakbots in the meta made them primes target for some !Fun! buffs.

Quick Modding

Many balance suggestions are expressed on the forum with no easy means of testing. To address this, there is a new setting during game setup, under Advanced Options, that can be used to change almost any aspect of the game, no rebuilding or rehosting required. Check out the wiki page to see how to make faster Glaives and long-ranged Bandits.


  • Jam radius: 256 -> 192
  • Can area cloak with 192 radius and 8 energy drain.

  • Range: 280 -> 350 (to see if the game breaks).

  • Cost 110 -> 100
  • Range 840 -> 860
  • Projectile speed increased 3.8% (260 -> 270 elmo/s).

  • Damage: 100 -> 95 (Glaive is the only small unit affected by this change).

  • Speed: 75 -> 78 elmo/s
  • Sight: 350 -> 280
  • Damage: 36 -> 45

  • Cost 300 -> 285

  • Speed: 81 -> 72 elmo/s (Impaler 67.5, Lance 66, Tremor 51)
  • Range: 1180 -> 1120
  • AoE: 96 -> 84
  • Projectile velocity reduced by 4.5% (330 -> 315 elmo/s)
  • Added overkill prevention vs. static targets.

  • Buildpower: 4 -> 5

  • Sight range: 660 -> 900 (very few units have more than 600 LoS).
  • Laser range: 820 -> 850

  • Disarm missile tracks.

  • Health: 2200 -> 1700

  • Range: 480 -> 490


  • Made the build height display (Alt+Scrollwheel) show the water level.
  • Fixed units sometimes skirmishing cloaked units.
  • Fixed Dgun commander aiming.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed a player to crash the game (exploited around the 11th).
  • Fixed Scorpion aimpos, allowing many units to hit it reliably again.
  • Fixed the commander window closing itself randomly.
  • Fixed slowbeam target selection.
  • Fixed wade effects.
  • Fixed extended Raven usage spamming the minimap with dots.
  • Minor performance improvements.
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Made the build height display (Alt+Scrollwheel) show the water level.

does this mean i get a visual feedback on lowering a building in water, when it is completely covered by water? if not, this would be a nice feature. (or show building hitbox height too, so meatbags can calculate this themselves)

great work, thanks!
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17 months ago
woah, that Knight buff
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lots of interesting changes! Looking forward to using reef to disarm shieldballs.
I think the knight buff might make cloaky a bit OP lol.

Also thank you for adding the modding stuff!! That looks like a lot of fun to mess around with.
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17 months ago
Cloakybot OP again(noticeably no ronin outrangeing llt). Reef definately OP and useable(missile cost important to remember). Tons of small changes that change things quite a bit.
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Quick Modding

Thank you thank you thank you
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17 months ago
The knight changes are probably too extreme. 330 range might have been fine.

if I understood it correctly, conjurer got area cloak ability with a small radius. That's something it shouldn't have. it'll allow groups of knights with a reaver here and there to catch skirmishers which will be their only reliable early game counter.

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17 months ago
Blitz buff? Good luck making that unit not overshadow all of tank again..
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17 months ago
Well Heavy tank users want op assualts and op artillery but thats not enough they want op raiders too :(
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17 months ago
These can be changed at any time, I would just wait til more game testing and feedback is gathered before venting prematurely
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17 months ago
its not premature there's a thread about op\up blitzes (probably several) historically. And blitz was always a very fine line.

That said, the emissary nerfs my help off set the buff.
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17 months ago
Also Toad sight range buff is too extreme, with such sight and jump, why anti-air units often good spotter.

Cloaky, shield, rover, tank as well.

Isn't anti-air become secondary scouts?
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17 months ago
i believe the los buff is to offset the air unit radar bug.
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17 months ago
What air unit radar bug? Radar dots wobble around and only homing missiles can home onto the real unit position. The LoS buff fits with the laser weapons and gives it a unique power.
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17 months ago
sick sensor suite bro
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yay! 2 the most annoying blind and boundless rage inducing bugs fixed!
can't be, can it?!

if someone went and fixed Chobby auto complete I'd be almost satisfied with the current state of zk :D
(it should ALWAYS prioritize people from the same battle room when u do Lob[tab] preferring Lobster to Lobawubatubadub because Lobster is already in the room getting ready for cooking)
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17 months ago
Watching a coop game yesterday, I had the impression that the conjuror cloak field might be a bit of a Circuit trap. I saw the AI was automatically activating the area field and wondered if that might adversely effect its early game energy balance. At the 5 minute mark, there were 9 conjurors representing a -72e sink. Since they were just wandering around as they usually do, using the area cloak wasn't actually accomplishing anything.

To be fair, they weren't constantly turning on and off which suggests AI had the e to do it, but I wonder if it was still slowing production.
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17 months ago
Circuit has not been updated to reflect this balance change, so at the moment it breaks Circuit (and probably other AIs too).
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Tbh i really don't see where the Conjurer change came from.
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17 months ago
Match shieldbot?
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