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Advice me living a happier life in near future?

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Chinese citizens have been living in low labour cost conditions for years.
Not really low cost but the high-density helps lower the cost.

My wage $600/month is average low in my city, with a saving exceeding $30,000.
I can afford 60 delivery meals per month, each delivered meal cost $2, alongside renting a 130 sqm unit for myself at $200, $5 for monthly Internet access mobile plan.
As I don't rent either pay for delivered meals.
Instead, I order delivered food ingredients cost me $100 per month, so I save $400 on average each month - or this money pays off the coastal mortgage which is $180 per month.

I do not know how to spend money as I have little interest now.

I've spent on bottom-line items to fit my family's needs, my parents, and my grandmothers. Also filled a smaller unit near the finest coast in a near city.

Oh, I do not like vehicles, I knew only BMW logo because it is simple. So no plan to get one.
I recognize the car I will drive by pushing the unlock button so the one light up or flashing. Or if I read the plate.

It is the fear of loss of health and gains another place to drive family savings now. Not my savings, they have their account I don't know of.

I will have to introduce myself first.

Chinese man, born and raised in the medium-sized city Weifang, spent 7 years outside of it so far.

Raised in one college campus as 2 of my grandparents worked in it.

I have no spouse and never had a relationship with anyone yet.

I now lived with my parents and grandmother. I probably have no friends - I don't distinguish other people that way, I have no secrets and thus has difficulty to memorize things as secrets.

Often accompany married/no married women in the workplace to find and share snacks. Don't like to get services from other people except something has to, for example, haircuts, and goods delivery.

When I was at an early age, I admire my grandparents who work hard for people even after retirement. My grandparents are great workers who seek to help people.

I wanted to be a scientist, an inventor, a communist( which means access to any jobs, no worries about life basics), etc. Thus, I wanted to develop various things not available for people to use.

Later I realize, it becomes another question: "whether it is worthy to do so". I've mentioned 10 times wage makes no difference. 1000 times, $600,000/month could be useful.

Childhood outdoor activities: make use of weeds and wood sticks, play with fire, and digging water channel near the polluted river, catching other creatures like fish bats insects snakes.
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4 months ago
learn to build sustainable/self suficient house, learn to live off grid, spread wings, fly
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My wage $600/month is average low in my city.

This just killed me right there. For the place I live in 300$ is pretty acceptable and 600$ is straight-up excellent offer.
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¥100/day, ¥2500 or $350/month is the lowest income most people here could think of.

This city ranked 100 in China.

$600 is the wage of a primary school teacher (average), a courier(low).

Well, I just recovered from herpes zoster(shingles), if I was in the wild and it would probably kill me.

Still, I have not found an interest... building a home isn't very appealing to me.


Not allowed to do so in the populated areas as all lands belong to the government and they don't distribute the land well, the village owns them and most Chinese countrymen are not nice to outsiders.

And they probably envy any did great, they could do some destructive tricks intentionally. I read the news, one family moved into a village to raise shrimp in a pond.

The third-year when everything settled, the newcomers found the pond of shrimps was poisoned using farm chemicals. And police cannot help the poor newcomers because they won't go against local people - The law does not punish numerous offenders - that is dark side in China.

One problem in China is highly divided, local governments are very inefficient.

Many told a similar story so they flee from the countryside, rarely undergraduate will return to where they were raised. I knew 90% my high school classmates do not live in this city.
Educated people would like to gather in a bigger city to live with people they are more likely to deal with.
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4 months ago
tbh dsjust do whatever you find forfilling, most people i know have a purpose in life, something to work towards, it can be either orvious or less so, others might want to simply be happy, not to have something that makes them happy but simply to be happy. some might want to contribute to something bigger, to have their name in the history books. others simply want to have the minutes worthwhile.

at the end of the day, you are a coincedense, exsiting for this instant and never to be seen again. you are a ever changing entity whose fate is bond ot that of the univers, and to some extent, your fate is that of the universe. i cannot tell you what your purpose or desire is, even though our fate is interconnect with the rest of the universe.

maybe read the minecraft credits thingy, the scrolling text that appears aften the end portal and before the credits
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Money has been a problem for a very long time in society starting from the commodity to commodity exchange until the normal bill that we have today.

It has always represented the time spent in order to make something and as long as you spend less time and the work output is more the price for that commodity will go down as always.

There was a documentary that I watched a long time ago regarding the work conditions of the future (and it was done in 1970-1980) where an expert declared that we will need 2-4 days of work in order to sustain a family for a month in the future (now). Of course, he was talking about this because of the mechanization/robotization that we are noticing right now, and guess what, we still didn't reach this moment that he was explaining.

You might ask yourself why we didn't reach this perfect moment when we require fewer days of work in order to sustain our families?
Well, from what I see it's clear, the distribution of wealth among the people is totally unequal, meaning that people have lots of money while other people don't have a lot and sometimes nothing.

Problem is that big companies which earn lots of money tend to find a way to earn more and more and this is what happened for over 200-100 years until now. The result is clear in that image, the greed represented by a tiny cluster of people and from there leads to the poverty of others. Money is not the issue here, it's just the behavior of people who tend to have a lot will always try to get more no matter what.

Ok, so for example if someone is a millionaire or a billionaire, he might have earned that money fairly and wisely by bringing new things to society like inventions (computers, technology, medicine) and it's ok to see this kind of people flourish. The problem is what happens afterward because these people once they get the taste of money they won't stop there, and they will always try to find a competitive way to gain more money with less. This tactic is to be expected since society is trying to be competitive in a good way but this will always bring the worst in people.

I am not talking about a society here that rellies on communist ideas, I am just trying to explain that there is always a solution for each and everybody to have decent conditions no matter what. Problem is that developed countries/companies still try to exploit smaller/weaker countries with low wages and from there we have the situation you see today.

My country, for example, is a target for this kind of exploitation where big companies pay less in comparison to what they pay in America or other parts of Europe.

Another issue here is corruption, where leaders of a specific country that is underdeveloped or has financial problems don't try to develop their country, but instead, he tries to bring "investors" in the country so they will pay the people poorly and from there we have this kind of discrepancy.

I myself consider that a country should be self-sustainable so it won't depend on other countries for food/consumer goods. As long as countries will depend on each other there will always be companies/firms/stronger countries who will exploit this opportunity in order to gain more wealth for themselves.

Take example the countries which have lots of oil today. The majority of the population in those countries are underdeveloped and live in poverty while specific companies easily exploit their natural resources (example UAE, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc.)

Take another example of the diamond and gold exploitation that firms do in countries from the African continent. And the majority of the African area is underdeveloped but most of the gold and diamonds come from there. If the African community would be united and will force out the firms from their country they will gain tons of wealth from these commodities.

The ideas that I am discussing right here are somewhat related to Nationalism, but this word right now has bad connotations because of the Communism that implemented it harshly, and from there we have grim reminders on what it can do.
The Nationalism that I am talking here is just a way to make the country rich and their people from their own national resources

To long companies have been in a governing form of society because we let them do that. Of course, Nationalism itself can bring corruption and there will always be issues no matter the circumstances.

I was thinking of a ruling society based on Democracy/Nationalism where each individual citizen has the ability to shift the upper politics. It's somewhat a Caste System but it's not like that.

  • For example, each citizen has the right to be voted by a maximum of 10 people. If he has the support of 10 people he will gain special benefits like less work, more wages, and also responsibilities (we will call this Representative 1). The important fact here is if you decide to support somebody you won't be able to be supported by other people at the same time as long as you are not R1-R2 etc

  • Since that guy is elected by 10 people he will be in charge of doing special jobs that are related to politics and also he will be able to vote for another guy of the same rank that he is in order to get elected.

  • The second elected guy is actually supported by 9 Representative of type 1 which are supported by 10 people. In other words, Representative 2 is supported by 109 people (100 Normal people and 9 Representative 1).

  • If any of those 100 people decide to support someone else the Representative 1 will fall and also Representative 2. So, in fact, these two types of rules will need other followers to supplement their missing voters.

  • And now imagine the same way until it reaches Representative 3/4/5/6 and so on until you are at the top of the ladder. At the top of the ladder, of course, it will be the leader of that country that will be in charge of everything. If somebody down bellows him shifts and if there aren't supporters to take the missing persons place he will fall and another one will take his place.

We also have some science facts represented by this guy that if we introduce minimum guarantee wage it will make everything prosper

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4 months ago
Comparing wealth across regions is basically impossible.

Where I live you can tile the floor, ceiling and walls of your apartment with iPads for less than the apartment costs.
But medical care is an order of magnitude cheaper than the USA.

You could work as a doctor in one place and only be able to afford a small house, but get fantastic medical care and have vacations to exotic places and all the latest tech. In another part of the world being a doctor would mean a large house with a pool and a live-in maid, but international vacations are unaffordable and a current year Honda is a pipe dream.
Which of the two has a higher standard of living is tough to say.
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4 months ago
I doubt a minimal increase in wages will affect, I mean like 5 times still not going to affect much I suppose? Probably I can afford to fly around - seriously I haven't explored much.

What do I want, I have asked in my social network what I buy with $500?

No wills ... still struggle to find one.
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living in a society we are responsable for it
improve peoples lives, starting with your own
this is really the only worthwhile activity, you turn the economic gears to be able to reach others in your spare time
you have to make yourself in such a way that others reaction is good when they are near you
then like bee you go from flower to flower

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4 months ago
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This just killed me right there. For the place I live in 300$ is pretty acceptable and 600$ is straight-up excellent offer.

Learn to work globally, not just for the country you had a coincidence to be born it
This gives you much broader selection of jobs with x10-x30 higher wages, not everything can be done in this way remotely though
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4 months ago
It sounds like you aren't having money troubles, but are finding yourself just missing *something*, right? Not knowing what to spend money on is a fortunate problem to have in a way, but it's a very hard problem to fix. If you can't think of anything that you want to do, is it because you don't want to do anything, or is it that you can't do the things you want because where you live limits your access to do things you might find enjoyable? Do you have a spouse, or significant other/kids etc, or does family refer to your parents/siblings etc? Have you tried to find physical or social activities you could do that you might enjoy? Perhaps you could take lessons to learn some new skill like art or carpentry? It's hard to advise someone when you know very little about them, but my advice to you is to keep an open mind and try new things. Maybe you won't find something you particularly enjoy in the process, but will make a good friend who makes the experience worth it. Traveling is probably not a terrible idea, perhaps you will have an experience that will spark your imagination.

Or you can always do the american thing and buy a boat you can't afford, then you won't have to worry about having money anymore :D
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4 months ago
Attention! everything below is my personal opinion and it is okay if you think completely different.

So happiness usually not related to money. It has two key components:
1 what you feel when doing something: you could do a hard work while building family house and be proud that you did it, or you can play guitar an enjoy the process.
2 what people think about you, and what they tell you: old good friends that will not leave you alone with problems, family that loves you, co-workers that respect you.

This all could affect you happiness much more than lack of 100 000 dollars.
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Move personal information to the first post so you may know why I started this thread.

Thank you.

Yes, time-consumed jobs could help.

I felt an emptiness when I camp in a campsite, walk along the beach under the moonlight, prepare myself when a predator chasing after its prey heading my way.

I also felt when running in the vast Death Valley, towards Salt Flats.

Early this month I sunk my legs into a pond where swans treat as a resort during winter.

Upon writing and reading here, I think I probably want society changes not easily to archive so I gave up.

USrankBakuhatsu thanks for many assumptions and suggestions. So I edited the posts I wrote.

The will against wasting is a belief string me in real life? All products I bought shall not break, shall stay useful so I can give it to other need this functionality it provides. I sold a lot of repaired gaming mouses and when I got 3 of them back, I fixed one and sent the other 2 to a professional who took one of them as repairing fee and send the other back in working state. Oh, I've used 10 computers bought from eBay.

I've got too many clothes mostly gifts because of various reasons. I only bought myself walking, trail running, hiking, soccer shoes, all others were gifts. Maybe because I don't mind if it was used.

I only gifted new socks, boots, and tents.
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Donate excess money for ZK developers. :D
With wife i think u will no problem spend that excess money as well. And if u will got childrens. Then gg. :D I'm also without relationships now and i can economy much money because i want to buy flat for myself. Sadly i don't have nice parents from whom i can get something. Everything i earned by myself.
No one will help you find answer in this forum. Nobody. Such thing peoples only learn by themselves.
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4 months ago
Hmm, but i would be happy if i would got more money influx. Not directly happy because on many but ways how to use it. Not even for myself. Happiness is thing which still is affected by physical world. And its should be.
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4 months ago
Im not totally understanding everything here, but I have to say that if you have your health, you are doing good. Meaning you can freely walk around and generally do stuff, even some shitty jobs if need be. I am saying that because I lost my health a bit 6 years ago, and as a result of that, lost it very much 2 years ago. Well, not my health, but got a life limiting crippling injury.

Wife or similar is good to have. Ive made less than 500 euros/540 dollars in the last 9 months, so basically nothing. Wife luckily gets 600 euros/650 dollars per month(because of going to school and learning new profession, probably not even going to get work in a long time), and we have one 3-year old, so life is not as great as it could be. But family, that is a big plus to have.

Gardening. Start doing that if you can. Its good on many levels.
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4 months ago
ut I have to say that if you have your health, you are doing good

Ye. Health is most valuable thing which can be in human life. If u are healthy then u are luck men and should be happy with that,
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4 months ago
If you care too much about health you will restrict yourself too much.
I got a lot of traumas: two broken ribs, broken leg bone, dozen of brain concussions, some broken fingers bones, muscle tears, slightly damaged lungs forever.
But all traumas was during very fun activities like HEMA(medieval fencing with shields and axes), motorcycle raiding, mountain climbing. And i am okay with such "price"
I hope at some day i have children, and i not afraid of question "hey dad, how you spend your time while you was young?"
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4 months ago
If you care too much about health you will restrict yourself too much.
I got a lot of traumas: two broken ribs, broken leg bone, dozen of brain concussions, some broken fingers bones, muscle tears, slightly damaged lungs forever.

In Latvia there is old expression - care about yourself and Gd will care about as well.
There is big difference between people who got trauma cuz they own fault and one who got problems cuz others or because congenital.

And i am okay with such "price"

Its all ok if you don't feel consequences. Its all ok until you reach older age when this all shit starts come out (or you are lucky that it will not appear even in older age). Such 'prices' take heavy toll later mostly. I have seen it. I have seen this shit too much in my life. That's why my youth maximalism even didn't born. :/
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