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Amph, Spider, and Shield factory

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55 days ago
Why don't these factory's have artillery units? Every other factory does have at least 1 artillery unit, and I find it annoying when I play Amph or Spider or Shield that I cannot make an artillery unit, while my enemy can.
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54 days ago
if they are still playable without an artillery unit, adding an artillery unit would make them op
its like tank, if you gave tank a (cheaper) skirm it might be op
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54 days ago
To disarm your argument I will mention Racketeer. If you think that's a racket, think again and a-spire to elevate Crabe to new levels. The obvious amph artillery is really the Lobster and every other unit is simply ammo for it.

Lobsters Reloaded Unité!
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54 days ago
I think you mean that in Zero-K Lobster other unit is shell.
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I completely forgot about racketeer, it is pretty much an arty.
All true about the lobster and crab, but I still feel amph and spider should at least have an arty as simple as a sling.
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54 days ago
look at one of gfs last cold takes. there is specifically mentioned why spiders do not have arty.
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All-terrain sling would be totally OP.

Amph Bulkhead is pseudo artillery as it outranges Lotus turrets, can tank pickets and 3 is enough to kill a Stinger with only 1 Bulkhead lost.
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spider does not need arty...

when do you normally use spider? hill! is it a place where artillery would be needed? NO!!

especially considering how dominant recluse is as skirm vs anything but fencers, and they are entirely different terrain facs anyway

tell me unknownrankChomolungma ... do you really want shield factory to have artillery that does damage? don't enough people already complain about it? and if you ask me, lob-ball is already an insane source of artillery. like I won a 1v4 vs 3 arty players xd

same thing for amph, lobster is good enough to get close, especially considering that scallop is shotgun, which excels at close range. grizz also is a great skirm, though I think it should be buffed.
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spider could use an artillery, which shots dirtbag like units with 1hp. these do die dead on impact and leave a dirtbag-sized hill !1!!

i have the bestest of ideas.
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51 days ago
Logix, i must slightly oppose lobbing scallops, they really lack the aoe for that, the shotgun is just less worse very close. I think reavers are the prefered ammo? Throwing in a bomb sounds op though
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51 days ago
I use lobster as a semi artillery for amph (small games - 1v1s). scales up better with griz if they dont have a hard counter on the field. Though its a lot for someone to learn instead of just sending normal arty
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46 days ago
Faction identity mostly. Vehicles are more about assault and artillery, bots are more about skirmisher, bombs, and weird stuff. Spiders would be very annoying with artillery, and Amph and Spider can shoot at a HLT pretty cheaply with some terraform.
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