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Random Crags v0.6 Featured

By GoogleFrog

A sometimes-craggy, sometimes flat random map (12x12)
Size: 12 x 12


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8 days ago
Featured. Few changes from last version.
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8 days ago
After generating a few maps I think I've finally figured out what is bothering me:
The cliffs and the like aren't map delineators in that they don't normally separate the map. This is because the divider is zero width and does not block line of sight (and fire I guess) like mountain ranges common in manually made maps do. The line of sight (and thus radar) blocking is a very important aspect in map feel.

Are modest sized bi-directional blocking "mountain ranges" out of scope for this map?

This version also still has the issue of sometimes ending up almost featureless (in practical gameplay terms gentle rolling hills with a small cliff at the edge isn't much). It also generates some great maps though. :)
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8 days ago
Being occasionally almost featureless is a feature.
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The cliffs are inspired by the terrain formations used in maps like Wanderlust, Ravaged, and Andanonisia. They change the path distances between places. More types of boundary are within the scope of the map since the boundaries are currently just an arbitrary function mapped onto a curve.

Using more noisy cliffs or features will need to be done carefully as it is harder to predict the difficultly of the resulting terrain. Fairyland-style boundaries (giant water holes) would be relatively easy to create. The slightly fancier cliffs of Wanderlust should also be doable. I am currently in the process of parameterising more aspects of the random generation and creating more boundary type functions. The shallow trenches and little mounds that are new to v0.5 are part of this process.

Some almost-featureless maps are quite good. Titan duel is almost featureless. Geyser Plains is almost featureless (it was popular, but it is a little on the small side in modern ZK). It would be nice to figure out what makes almost featureless maps work.

I have noticed that too many maps have essentially-clear paths directly between bases. I would like to stop this from happening.

Could you post zoomed out screenshots of representative maps, ideally along with their seeds? Point out the features that you dislike in maps. Perhaps I could dig into the random parameter that caused the feature and cut the boring sections out of the sampled parameter space.
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2 days ago
This version produces some awesome maps, gj AUrankAdminGoogleFrog!
Any way to export the hightmap of a specific map seed? I saw one interesting map today and want to scale it down so it could be used for 1v1.
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2 days ago
Watch the replay, the infolog should have the seed. Load map in springboard while specifying the seed in MapOptions (some stsrtscript hacking or alternate lobby may be required since neither SB nor Chobby support MapOptions). Export map from SB.
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So far this Map was my favorite: http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/772826
here is a picture of the map: https://ibb.co/gvmtGTK
I liked this map more than the other ones i generated before because:

- the cliffs generated some nice chokepoints and platoes. Preivious Maps also had some nice cliffs but they where mostly not contributing to the tactical gameplay either because they where to far appart or just in weird directions (parallel to the line of attack).
- the flat areas where not completly flat as it was often the case in earlyer versions of this Map. This leads to nicer maps and some more tactical opportunitys. Additionaly this lead to a more broken up radar coverage, which i like because it makes the game more interesting.
- i would still call this map "featureless". So it is true to its descripiton.
-there where enugh mexes (i felt that there where to few in the earlyer versions)

How i would like to improve the Map-generator (if i would be able to destinguish C# from python):
-replace some of the cliffs by water. for example the mittle cliffs could be replaced by two curved lakes. this would make the maps a bit more interesting and beautiful.
-add some random Debris (like reclaimable stones, different trees, Mushrooms, whatever other ZK maps have)
-add some variation to the Ground style (Desert or maybe beach)
-maybe convert some of the cliffs to narrow ridges to bring in some more diversity

Big thank you GoogleFrog for doing this. I think it is almost suitable for the small teams server. Also i would like to be able to test this on the teamsserver. last time i tried there was a message that it is deactivated on this server

Edit: I tricked them into playing Random Crags with big teams and it was a quite nice map: http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/772909?
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