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Small Volcano Supported

By Decimator

Fight around a small volcano, designed for 2v2 or 3v3. Map by Decimator.
Size: 16 x 16


Downloads: 2498
Manual downloads:
http://spring1.admin-box.com/downloads/spring/spring-maps/Small Volcano.sd7

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7 years ago
Works as FFA map for 4 or 8 players, recommend 4.

The texture is pretty rough so I'm putting it at the end of the featured list.
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6 years ago
unused boxes

!addbox 0 0 15 15 5
!addbox 85 85 15 15 6
!addbox 0 85 15 15 7
!addbox 85 0 15 15 8
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6 years ago
This map only needs a warning, that vehicles have pathing issues.
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4 years ago
This seems to be a good metal and terrain layout for a 4 way FFA map. It just needs better local terrain and texture.
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4 years ago
AUrankAdminGoogleFrog - I've played on it a couple of times. The layout is nice, but the grey noisy texture is blinding. ZK units seem to have best visibility on pale, flat-ish textures and this is exactly the opposite: dark and grainy.
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4 years ago
They see me mowin' my front line
I know they're all thinkin' I'm so dark and grainy
Think I'm just too dark and grainy
Think I'm just too dark and grainy
Can't you see I'm dark and grainy
Look at me I'm dark and grainy

First to assault any LLT
Got skills, I'm a champion at spamming MT
Mumble Clan is my favorite MC
Keep your Brawler, I'll keep spamming more Banshee

My gaetors never spin to the contrary
You will find them quite stationary
All of my duel partners are cherry
"How to spam Hawk" is in my library

My OD grid is totally pimped out
My Ravager spam is razing bases
Yo, I got scouts in a thousand places
Ain't seen no Glaives but I still spam Maces

For breakfast I eat Sandwiches with mayonnaise
Pwned Godde's units, Andy's and Day's
Once you see my micro you're gonna stay amazed
My Kodas so fast they'll set your base ablaze

There's no engine build I haven't run
In my faction, well, I'm number one
Do vector calculus just for fun
Got no Banhammer but got Obediation gun

TTS sings my favourite theme songs
I beat spring://server in a game of PING PONG
Will Skuttle any trolling comm you bring on
I kinda know Lua and but I suck at Klingon

I'd like to roll with the spr*ngstas
Although it's apparent I'm too dark and grainy
Think I'm just too dark and grainy
Think I'm just too dark and grainy
I'm just too dark and grainy
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
10/10 would buy album
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
its very hard to see that this map has 4 small mountains and in mid one crater.
Maybe someone can make them more visable?
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4 years ago
In the meantime, unfeature?
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4 years ago
Also F1 helps meantime!!!
I have to ask, this map has lava underground or water?
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2 years ago
Pitch black, pls unfeature.
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