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Title: [A] Free For All
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.9.4.3
Engine version: 104.0.1-1544-ge1f249f
Started: 55 days ago
Duration: 0 seconds
Players: 10
Bots: False
Mission: False
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i am so hate this peace shit game, so fucking hate
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55 days ago
What happened? (I see it says duration 0 but not sure when that happens)
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55 days ago
Among other things there was the comshare bug that was already fixed in develop.
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55 days ago
The game went on for a long time with the development of each of the parties, after a battle took place and two teams were destroyed, we went on the attack and the game began to lag madly.

If you release the pause, then the server seems to stop working normally, as if its processing queue is clogged.

If you press pause and wait until the server processes everything, then everything becomes normal, after releasing, the server stops working and after 5 seconds it is completely clogged.

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This was already fixed in develop as PLrankAdminSprung said. As in it's waiting on stable.
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I would wish more people would at least contribute to bug fixes with some basic information. Posts like "I so hate this piece of shit game" do not help us when you're facing an issue. So let's streamline this process and cut out the part where we dance in circles trying to telepathically communicate that there was a bug here. Telling us that you "hate our game" or crying about "bug-k" or whatever does NOTHING to motivate us or assist us in tracking down issues (in fact, the only reason why we should engage with this behavior is because there is an underlying problem and that ignoring people who do this makes the rest of the population suffer because of your attitude problem). You want problems fixed here you go I wrote you a flow chart:

1.) Press F8 in game (or whatever the debug console button is for you)
2a.) IF YOU SEE LUA ERRORS open an issue on github or post something here. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD AN INFOLOG. This saves us tons of time for most minor issues like this. Click submit a bug report in lobby afterwards, tell people you'll brb bug report or whatever.
2b.) IF YOU DO NOT SEE ANY LUA ERRORS either post here or use the CONTACT ADMINS page. This is someone exploiting a lag generator and must be reviewed by humans. Make sure to include the link to the battle (not just B1127276) and a rough time estimate of when it occurred.

This small effort by even one person can save us so much time tracking down issues. I personally put in around 3 hours of watching replays to ensure that there isn't someone exploiting something so far.
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