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Title: MM 173: 1v1 Wide, Rank Singularity
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K
Engine version: 105.1.1-841-g099e9d0
Started: 30 days ago
Duration: 11 minutes
Players: 2
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 75.9%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 24.1%


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30 days ago
Spiders are total crap. I already know the whole game scenario that is going to happen and I can't effectively counter it.
Cloaks make 4 early glaives and raid open positions one glaive at a time without engaging in combat to counter this, spiders need to build about 4 venoms, glaives can raid, can retreat, group up and so on. The main thing is that 4 venom at the beginning of the game are expensive. While glaive raids are going on, cloaks make reavers + ronin and go attack with them with great aggression. Enough to get 3 reavers/7 ronins or x2 from that and attack something. Your 4 venoms don't mean anything, they can't raid, they get killed by ronins + reavers, or they get stuck on llt, require a lot of micro, etc (unlike nice glaives that run past for the same price). It turns out that reaversand ronins attack spots and, surprisingly, they can drive out the commander from a key position, but the spiders cannot drive out the mirror commander of the enemy, because there is nothing. Recluses are slower than ronins and reavers, no further crap to comment on. Cloaks get positions, recluses come late. I said that recluses are expensive and it takes at least 4 recluses to have some effectiveness, only then they can somehow fight. At the same time, recluses will be hit by ronins and reavers are able to approach them and kill them by kiting projectiles. That is, you will not win with recluses, you can lose at this time. The commander of the cloaks will receive a stinger and finally gain a foothold. Next, in this strategy, you need to make 20 glaives and attack the enemy's recluses or spots, because the spiders are busy getting recluses. After the glaives, you can make a locust or a silo and end the game. This is how all the games of spiders against tufts go, where spiders suck. Why play spiders?

If the recluses for some reason survive and start to ward off the ronin, make 20 slings and stretch with them and don't attack too much, let the recluses die trying to do something about it.
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30 days ago
I'd like to see what a difference it makes going from 4venom->recluse to: 1 venom/redback per 2-3 recluse into a fac switch. Combine this with not rushing the opposite platform, but succesfully defending your own with commander/widow.

Warrants exploration.
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