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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome (32p)
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K
Engine version: 105.1.1-841-g099e9d0
Started: 27 days ago
Duration: 13 minutes
Players: 14
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 2
Chance of victory: 64.7%


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27 days ago
Lance will win this match alone, explain to me as a player why I should not spam lances from the first second of the game? Does this explanation exist?

I got the Juggernaut, he got a few kills but didn't pay off his price and took a lot of damage, after that he started to require insane support so that he could be restored. Lens began to shoot all the targets and destroyed the entire line, almost all the commanders. You understand how shitty it is when my juggernaut can't kill the commander, and the lence fires from a safe position and does not require any support. There's no reason why you shouldn't spam this shit and shoot all the time. 2 lances dealt 14k damage in metal equivalent, paying for themselves by 700% and it's not that Sortana is a genius of the game and demonstrated incredible playing skills, it's just a unit that can do 700% of its cost and any player deals that amount of damage. Juggernaut sucks, Lance is the god of this game.
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27 days ago



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27 days ago
imo Lance as a beam unit that does 3000 damage with 900+ range is simply not balanceable at the 1000 price point AUrankAdminGoogleFrog wants it to be for elegance sake.

3xcost hitscan burst with multihit capability (vs groups) at 900+ range at three shots a minute just isn't compatible with the rest of the game. As long as it can aim fast enough to hit things moving at 100elmo/sec and can move at all it'll be degenerate.
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27 days ago
Lance will win this match alone

I don't agree Lance won alone in this case. The juggle just didn't pay off very well, and compromised your team's start too much. At the time the first Lance rolled out, you were already behind.

I'm sure they were frustrating as heck to gradually be attrited to death by, though. It's worth bearing in mind how miserable they are to fight against.
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Phantom is pretty miserable to fight against too but at least it doesn't kill five glaives per shot and has mediocre range. (and noticeably less DPS)
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25 days ago

This is what we dreamed about. One juggle to rule it all, really.

On that note, how do I see map gravity to see if juggle op?
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25 days ago
You're gonna want to press Ctrl+i

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25 days ago
2 lances dealt 14k damage in metal equivalent, paying for themselves by 700%

It's not even a rare occurrence, it's strange for a lance to not make cost several times. I keep saying they are way underpriced.
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24 days ago
For me it was alt + ctrl + i for "game info"
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