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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.11.6.6
Engine version: 105.1.1-1821-gaca6f20
Started: 4 months ago
Duration: 0 seconds
Players: 15
Bots: False
Mission: False
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4 months ago
The other team voted exit when our team was winning.
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4 months ago
Omg so unfair! Totally not justified. Also why did Slaab abandon his team??? You are supposed to be a team and fight together or call a resign vote when its hopeless. Really sucks blue star players just leaving their team when they please.
And people calling exit votes... The game was way underway, no reason for exit.
Seriously, players like Fumica were doing great and putting much effort in this, just to see the game wasted. Unfair!!!
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3 months ago
looks like a reasonable resign to me 70% to 30% map control for the whole game, basically just a drag
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3 months ago
It wasn't a resign! It was an exit vote...
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3 months ago
talking about the resigns you mentioned, not the exit vote, thats obv a no
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3 months ago
Was any action taken? Or is it not a big deal? I just wanna know...
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3 months ago
Was any action taken?


WARNING: Do not misuse exit votes to escape a game thar you are losing - you should resign instead. https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1685813
Issued on: 8/3/2023 7:29:24 AM (21 hours ago)
Expires on: 8/6/2023 7:29:24 AM (2d 2h remaining)
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As far as I am aware, nobody submitted a report about this game. If you want there to be modaction about something, it helps if you report it.

As per the post above, one warning was issued. We have given the benefit of the doubt to voters who may not have realised it was not a resign vote.
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