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Zero-K v1.9.30 - Anti-Bait Update

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The big feature in this update is bait prevention. Units and turrets, such as Artemis, should be significantly better now that they can more precisely obey your wishes. Felon is a beneficiary as it can be told to avoid armoured units, but it may be kept in check by another new behaviour: Most units now fire at the edge of small shields if there is nothing else in range.

There are few actual balance changes to better observe the ramification of the latest advances in unit command. Apart from that there are a few features and fixes, such as the ability to click on names in the endgame stats to highlight a line, and improved map filtering.


Advanced Radar moves towards justifying its cost, as an experiment.
  • Cost 500 -> 400
  • Sight 800 -> 1120
  • Range 4000 -> 5600

Claymore has a smaller collision volume.

Duck missiles have less fuel, but still enough to hit land targets.

Jugglenaut and Newton now have aim lookahead (aiming towards targets that are about to enter range).


Units and turrets with reload time or costly projectiles can now be told to avoid low value targets. This can be configured under Settings/Unit Behaviour or controlled with the Avoid Bad Targets state, which is shown by default. The states are:
  • Disabled.
  • Free - Avoid light drones, Wind, Solar, Claw (Badger mines), Dirtbag, nanoframes up to 50 metal and armoured targets (except Crab).
  • Light - As above, as well as units costing less than 90, Razor, Sparrow and unidentified radar dots.
  • Medium - As above, as well as units costing less than 240, except Stardust, with the addition of Raptor.
  • Heavy - As above, as well as units costing less than 420.

Some units default to Free and a few default to Light. The behaviour is overridden by Attack Move as well as manual targeting.

Units are also more opportunistic when it comes to fighting shields, now firing at nearby small shields if nothing else is in range. Most non-artillery do this and it is essentially a range buff against shieldballs. This behaviour, called Ward Fire, can be configured in Settings/Unit Behaviour or enabled as a state toggle under Settings/Interface/Commands.

There are also a few improvements to Attack Move.
  • Siren brings its main gun into range on Attack Move.
  • Most skirmishers and assaults no longer engage drones on Attack Move, however they will still fire at them if nothing else is in range.


  • Individual players can now be highlighted in the endgame graphs by clicking on their name.
  • Improved the filter box of the map list.
  • Renamed 'Map Selection' to 'Set Map Bans' in the Matchmaker Tab.
  • Selecting Puppy, Athena, Caretaker and Strider Hub enables the reclaim highlight overlay.
  • Unit info screens now show movement type.
  • Clarified Reaver and Hercules helptext.


  • Greased Tremor rotary drive.
  • Fixed Crab curling?
  • Fixed Adamantine Mountain team names.
  • Fixed newly constructed units sometimes not following factory waypoints.
  • Fixed overkill prevention sometimes knowing too much about unidentified radar dots.
  • Fixed trouble toggling Puppy Goo.
  • Fixed some parts of long terraform queues being cancelled prematurely.
  • Removed Leaper Chickens from planets Sapphire and Vis Ragstrom.
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21 months ago
Interesting, the Advanced Radar updates sound nice - this thing will be more of a meaty investment now.
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21 months ago
Solid update!
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21 months ago

For once even I have nothing to complain about.

The anti-bait settings seem cool to me and add another layer of options available to a player. It might even be interesting to see if players capitalize on this by using small units to target stuff set towards ignoring small units :)

I've always liked ADV radar and always felt that it's cost was justified. Now that it's even better there's no excuse not to build one. I might even have gone as far as adding a small decloak sensor to it, say half of its vision range.

If the new firing rules keep shields from getting even more nerfs then I'm for it.

Good job.
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21 months ago
Individual players can now be highlighted in the endgame graphs by clicking on their name.
nice! also, thank you!
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I would recommend everyone to take a close look at your anti-bait settings. The defaults are aggressively low (probably to convince players to set them themselves, to avoid being caught by surprise by your units behaving unexpectedly). I've just gone through and bumped up my antibait settings for units in every factory.
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21 months ago
I really like the shooting into shield edges feature, its the exact type of thing that should be automated. Maybe high density shields will be more counter-able now that its a lot easier to kite them.
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Zero-K v1.9.3.1

  • Fix endgame graph player label overlap issue.
  • Avoid Bad Targets for Scorpion, Ulti and Nimbus.
  • Boosted Impaler Avoid Bad Targets to Light.
  • Avoid Bad Targets Medium/Heavy disables Ward Fire.
  • Clean up resource panel settings.
  • Resource panel flashes a bit more aggressively on excess/stall.
  • Added toggleable extra panels for stuff like wind strength, overdrive, and BP usage. Enable under 'Settings/HUD Panels/Economy Panel' with 'Simple Settings' unticked.
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21 months ago
Much awaited update! I had been finding the AI more and more finicky. Glad to know my intents will be better translated into the game. Thanks for your work!
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20 months ago
I withdrew GIMP Patreon for GoogleFrog.

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20 months ago
Does adv radar still reduce radar wobble or am I getting confused?
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20 months ago
Adv radar range is ridiculous.
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20 months ago
I mean the update is good and all but my upvote goes for the picture :D
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20 months ago
Does adv radar still reduce radar wobble or am I getting confused?

No longer reduces wobble.
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Honestly, the big buff I'd want to adv radar would be to make it *taller*. Stupidly, absurdly tall. Like "it's a balloon that floats 300 elmos up and is tethered to the ground and is vulnerable to AA" tall. Because terraforming a spike high-enough to do that is a huge pain. Because I hate the gaps in coverage caused by landscape and getting good radar coverage is tricky on hilly maps.
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20 months ago
It would be cool for it to look a bit more thing.
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20 months ago
Advanced radar one-hit by Bertha
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20 months ago
Omitted very important change:

Nebula cost 6000 -> 8000
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