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Advanced Radar Morphing to Owl

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12 months ago
In sea games sometimes you really want a Owl for sonar, so a suggestion to enable Advanced Radar to Morph into Owl, even if you lose 60 metal, i think player will do it more that Radar Tower Morphing to Sparrow, at least in sea maps.
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12 months ago
I would do this on land maps.
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12 months ago
Why not let a stinger morph to a lance, a faraday to a blitz, a picket to a fencer, etc... because reasons.
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12 months ago
Sparrow seems to exist exclusively for 1v1 games. Owl on the other hand is severely overloaded with functionality: vision, radar, jammer, high HP, fast, low cost (only 105 more than Sparrow).

How about also nerfing Owl so it's not a completely safe option? Does it really need a jammer?
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12 months ago
Yah but it flies, so it gets shot down half way across the map by AA.

Wouldn't owl be completely useless the minute there is an artemis and andvanced radar anywhere on the map, except for the largest team maps?
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12 months ago
The question to be asked here is "is this change better for the game than making the player switch to planes to get the power of an Owl?". I am not sure the answer to that question is yes.
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for me definitly yes, because when i player sea, most of the time i play ships, so to get an owl:
1,"i need an owl here" ... silence
2,i can spend 1140 to get an owl and an airfac
3,i can move my turtle speed commander to the other half or the map for air plate, or i can get a nearby hover or amph plate and make a con and move it over half of the map, so yea, i would like that update
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Impaler should morph to Thunderbird.

I am only half joking.

Sparrow seems to exist exclusively for 1v1 games

And Duck. And teamgames where your air dude is not responding.
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Outside of FFA, Owl feels like the only reason for building an airplane factory to me. This change would nicely show how true this is in general.
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12 months ago
And teamgames where your air dude is not responding.


Fwiw owl without jammer would be sad. It needs the jammer to not die once artemis comes out. Even without artemis chainsaw and even razor will make owl quite sad.

Owl feels like the only reason for building an airplane factory to me.


I like owl requiring airplane plant to aquire. It adds to making choices about second and third factories.
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12 months ago
I think it's quite good as it is. There is a barrier in getting too good/usefull units too fast.

For sure Sparrow is more usefull in 1v1 or FFA or maybe very small team games, but to have an easier access to owl for bigger team games - just because the team mate is not helping our (for whatever reasons), is imo not a great justification.

Random teams behave random. While I read quite often people complaining about lobpot, it's still played a lot by them.

Intel or denying intel is kinda the 4th ressource (next to metal, energy & buildpower) - intelligence services needs to be regulated. ;)

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I liked the addition of morphable radar because it makes frontline intel more readily available. Fighting without view of the front is mostly just a nuisance that forces you to do unnecessary micro because unit ai can't deal with it. Some of the common issues are units and turrets on a hill that you can't see even though they can shoot at you, units disappearing in rough terrain and invisible turrets in terraform holes that are impossible to target with artillery. Has there been any improvement to Lance being unusable without LOS?

Unfortunately sparrows don't hold up very long later in the game, so having a more expensive option would be nice. Deep scouting where you get intel of strategic importance is still limited to Swifts and cloaked scouts.
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