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Why is speed adjustment an option on public servers?

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38 days ago
Why is every player able to adjust game speed on every single automated server?

I have never in thousand games seen a reason to adjust game speed, or a speed adjustment that was not a mistake or wasn't quickly reverted. Nobody wants to play with any other speed than 1, there's people with widgets that automatically force speed to 1 whenever it's changed.

Speed changing should be disabled on these servers.
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38 days ago
I second this
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38 days ago
I would actually like to see tournament on 3x speed. And yes, default speed of the game is just simply too slow - minimum 2x increase would help the clustergames to end soner...
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38 days ago
As far as big lobpots go I'd have to disagree. I don't think a lot of people's computers could handle a long-running 20 - 32 player game on 2x or 3x.

Additionally, the game is hard enough to play at the normal speed. Increasing it only decreases what small margin of error you have. An example is how much harder it would be to pilot a widow through an enemy base on 2x speed.

I would also like to like to see a 3x speed tournament or eve a separate ladder/gamemode if enough people are interested.
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Once in a blue moon it seems reasonable to slow down a large and laggy game.

Beyond that it is largely a case of "maintaining and monitoring this modoption on all appropriate autohosts would require more admin effort than it has prevously seemed like it would be worth".
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37 days ago
I'd like to see adaptive speed adjustments happen in lobster pots. When a lot of players slow down or get left behind, server automatically lowers speed
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37 days ago
Automatic slowdown for lagging players (up to a point) already exists, and is unaffected by the minimum speed. Something in infra that sets maxspeed and minspeed to 1 by default on autohosts sounds fine to me.
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37 days ago
Well, maybe don't remove the option to change speed entirely. Setting a reasonable range might be better than forcing 1x for every game. I can't say for sure what's reasonable here, that needs to be determined. Something like 0.8 to 1.2 probably, in case someone's planetary chisel starts destroying not only the map but also frame rates.
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Lag -> reduce speed
Clusterfuck games only playable at 0,4-0,6 Speed happen, played already even this year.
Games requireing 0,7-0,9 Speed in lategame aint that rare

Dont fix whats not broken!
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37 days ago
Post a single replay that was played at below 1 speed.
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37 days ago
Automatic slowdown for lagging players (up to a point) already exists, and is unaffected by the minimum speed.

I've played this game on shitty hardware for years, and I can say with 95% certainty that this isn't a thing.
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PvE one, gotta look for the lobpot one not sure if i can find it. Delta siege one with starlight 0,7 and commet catcher 0,8-0,9 one.

Ok, aint watching all those replays even at 10x speed its still a pain without beeing able to skip through, hereby withdrawing my argument point. hf removeing speed adjustment.
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