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German Translation

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17 days ago
I saw that the German Translation is incomplete and wanted to ask if you maybe need help with the translation?
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You can contribute translations for already translatable stuff at https://www.transifex.com/zero-k/

Some parts of the game, such as lobby and the campaign, are not programmed to be translatable atm and to get to them you would need to do a bit of coding. That's quite a lot more difficult, but see here for what's needed: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Chobby/issues/736
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16 days ago
Okay, i will take a look at it and try to help out :)
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16 days ago
Is it possible to add a Luxemburgish translation? It would be no problem if i need to make it alone, i got time
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The existing German translations are also in a bad state. I was going to rework them completely when I have the time. If you find the time before me, I'd suggest to implement the following conventions because currently, the same English terms are translated in all kinds of different ways:

Keep unit names at their English version.
Translate things more correctly and closer to the English version.
Raider -> Raider
Riot ... -> Antischwarm-...
Assault ... -> Sturm-...
Skirmisher -> Skirmisher
Strider -> Strider
Hovercraft -> Luftkissenfahrzeug
Gunship -> Hubschrauber
capture -> bekehren

Are there any different opinions about the above conventions? You can of course also start by only adding the translations that are missing completely.

It will still take at least a few weeks until I have time for that, so don't let me stop you to go ahead.
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11 days ago
I fear that these long words won't fit on the UI. I don't see a better way though.
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10 days ago
Which long words do you mean? Did DErankSweetyCuteMinty write anything yet that I didn't see?

On a different note, I think that "Skirmisher ..." could actually be translated better as "Raketenwerfer-...". It would fit in all cases except for Buoy and Nimbus. For example, Scalpel's description could become "Lenkraketenwerferluftkissenfahrzeug".

The correct way to handle this is to specify a hyphenation like {Lenk-ra-ke-ten-wer-fer-luft-kis-sen-fahr-zeug}. Based on this, the GUI would decide where to break a word between lines.
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45 hours ago
"Raketenwerfer-...". It would fit in all cases except for Buoy and Nimbus

Does not fit: Moderator, Felon, Buoy
Instead fits: Harpy, Duck, Fencer, Cutter, etc
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41 hours ago
I wanted at one point to make translation in latvian language but latvians almost don't play Zk. :D
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23 hours ago
isn't lavatia one of these countries that dont exist by population, when considered population count with statistical error?
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18 hours ago
Technically, Moderator and Felon are not labeled as skirmishers but as ranged support by their unit icons. The difference is a bit questionable though, namely by projectile speed. For translations, I would include "Raketenwerfer" in Fencer's description but not in Duck's or Cutter's. For Harpy, both would be possible. Disruptorraketenwerferhubschrauber would fit but the accurate translation of the English version is Mehrzweckunterstützungshubschrauber.

Any explanation for that downvote DErankSnowlob? Do you prefer to not keep any English words in the translation or what?
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15 hours ago
Even Google Translate is better than your translation thats why downvote.

And yes "no english words", it was asked for a translation English -> German NOT English -> Denglisch

I agree that some terms like "gunship" will be as hard to properly translate as terms where the counterpart of the other language is simply missing but if its going to be something permanennt my opinion is to do it properly and not as half hearted as in your suggestion/example.
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The new translation will definitely be already better than the current one and not more permanent. So how would you translate the terms that don't exist in German? My thoughts were:

Raider: Schnellangriffs-/Angriffs-/Sturm-/Überfalls-/Plünderer-/leicht -> Überfalls-/Raider?
Riot: Abwehr/Kampf-/Verteidigungs-/Antischwarm-/Sturm- -> Antischwarm-?
Assault: Kampf-/Sturm-/schwer -> Sturm-
Skirmisher: Scharmützler/Skirmisher/Raketenwerfer -> Skirmisher/Raketenwerfer?
Strider: Läufer/Streicher/Wanderer/Strider -> Strider
Hovercraft: Luftkissenboot/Luftkissenfahrzeug/Gleiter -> Luftkissenfahrzeug
Gunship: Kanonenboot/Hubschrauber -> Hubschrauber
capture: kapern/erobern/bekehren/einfangen -> bekehren

In principle, I'm all for translating things to proper German if we already do it. One problem is that if we translate terms like raider, German players who know English but play in German will not immediately know what English speakers mean when they say raiders. That's also why I wouldn't translate unit names. Using something like Überfalls- instead of Raider- would be a possible trade-off though.
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