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Resource Bars vs Economy Panel

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There are 2 standard widgets to show the metal and energy bars: Resource Bars and Economy Panel. If you use default settings, you're probably using the Economy Panel. You can enable the old Resource Bars in the widget list (Shift+F11 by default). The two widgets have different pros and cons:

(Chili) Resource Bars (Classic)
++ Shows max storage
++ Shows net rates even if no storage
+ Warnings don't waste space
+ Shows metal & energy on top of each other
+ Shows worker usage
+ Shows net rates bigger

(Chili) Economy Panel (Default)
+++ Shows wind strength
+++ Better metal excess flash visibility
+ Faster blinking
+ Energy storage text remains readable if energy flashes

To combine all advantages, I made the following two widgets:
1. Resource Bars widget with reworked flash animation (download here)
2. My own wind strength widget (download here): As a bonus, it also shows the wind change rate sign.
Both are hereby published under the terms of GNU GPL v2 or v3 but not later. They can be used independently of each other.

To use my custom Resource Bars widget, ideally do the following: [Spoiler]
To use my wind strength widget, simply put it in the folder "Zero-K\LuaUI\Widgets".
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31 days ago
Thanks to feedback, it has been found out that you have to set your HUD Preset to "None" in "Settings/HUD Presets" in the F10 menu if you want to disable the Economy Panel permanently.
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22 days ago
I almost forgot about this because I was concerned by what you meant by "GNU GPL v2 or v3 but not later" when I first saw the thread.
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22 days ago
Some screenshots or images would go a long way to helping people understand what you're describing.
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Can you really misunderstand "GNU GPL v2 or v3 but not later"? You're free to choose whether you want to use it under GNU GPL v2 or v3. It's dual licensed. For example if you prefer shorter texts, you can choose GNU GPL v2. It's somewhat similar to "GNU GPL v2 or later" but with the difference that you are not allowed to use it under later versions of the GPL. Would it be clearer to say "GNU GPL v2 or GNU GPL v3"? It's the same.

The Resource Bars and the Economy Panel are installed with ZK by default. It's not so easy to show blinking speed for different economy situations with screenshots. So you could just try those widgets out ingame.
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DErankBrackman: Are you interested in people using this (these? is it two widgets?)?
If so, I have some suggestions:

Put a big "Download my FooBar widget here: " link. You have too many links and none particularly scream "I'm the one you want to use!".

Include a screenshot of what the widget looks like in use. (even if it looks like same as the previous one this still tells the potential user where it will live and what it looks like)

Have numbered installation steps (ideally with screenshots).
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22 days ago
I added a bit of explanations & highlighting to my first post. I kept it very short because I have more fun in programming than in marketing. Marketing could certainly be optimized. I just made those widgets very quickly and deemed the quality clearly good enough to not withhold them.
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how come the bars arent aligned:

Also I suppose I cant set reserve metal/energy with this one (you know, holding ctrl + clicking on the resource bar)
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I would also prefer it if they were aligned. I only reworked the flash animation. The old Resource Bars' flash animation was very hard to see.

You can set the reserve by Ctrl+clicking. You have to enable the reserve in "Settings/HUD Panels/Resource Bars" in the F10 menu. There you can also set the initial reserve.
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19 days ago
(Just want to point out that it's spelled "resources" with just one s. Apologies for being "that guy", but I'd want someone to tell me if I was making that sort of mistake.)
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19 days ago
Oh :D I fixed it. In German, it's written with ss. The weirdest example for such a difference between German and English that I've come across is committee vs Komitee :D.
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17 days ago
Funny enough, I had to write "committee" about four times for work today and spelled it wrong every time! English is silly.
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