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Can we please stop people from joining a public lobby then kicking people without reason like its theirs?

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12 days ago
It would be nice if that stopped.
Also People who dont make their lobby private then kicking people without specifying a reason is frankly just rude to be honest
But thats just my opinion.
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12 days ago
I agree, It's so much annoying like for the love of god just put any password
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12 days ago
Happens to me all the time and sometimes they don't notice me until im in their game and then I get kicked, very annoying.
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12 days ago
Sometimes random newcomers make a room to play with their friends, and kick other people who join. We would prefer these rooms get made with a password but harsh enforcement of that seems pretty inappropriate. I generally assume that I am likely unwelcome in a room populated entirely by people I do not recognize at all, so I personally have not run into this very often.

If you are talking about people wandering into autohosts and kicking other people who happen to be idling there with a vote, report such incidents.
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I came up with a feature request to help with this:

By default, rooms made would be "friends only" rooms, where one does not need a password but to be on the friends list of the host (until the host leaves). This would limit max players to 10 or 12 players. One can change this by changing a setting under LOBBY in the lobby settings. The lobby creation window would title itself "Creating new friends-only lobby" with a checkmark to make it public (and thus changing the title to "creating new open lobby", vice versa for users setting the default to "public hosts"). Attempting to join a lobby marked friends only would put in a request to the host (similar to party invites) if they're not part of the friends list, and by default, these rooms would not show up for users not on the friends list (but would be top priority for those on the friends list). This would satisfy both worlds: the friends-only crowd no longer needs to put a password on their games while making it easier for them to find without having to dig through the UI as much.
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11 days ago
That raises the question though: How sure are we that friends are on each others ZK-friends list? Having to use the ZK-friend system seems like an annoying extra step.
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10 days ago
Most new users seem to use steam and it is apparent their friends list seems to be synced with steam friends (at least from what I can see with personal tests). This means that the annoyance is only for:

1.) Users who do not use steam.
2.) Users who are using steam but are not steam friends with each other. (I suppose this can happen if one uses steam and the other uses steamless from itch)

Even then, since friends list is one directional, the annoyance from this is rather limited IMO vs the annoyance of having to kick random people who join your room.
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9 days ago
Personally ive had to resort to that because ive had issues with passworded lobbies not appearing or my friends feed and not being able to join from steam invite so ive done open lobbies and kicked anyone that arent my buddies.
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USrankTheHizard The reason your friends can't see passworded lobbies is that they have the "Filter out Passworded" option enabled at the bottom of the custom games list.
After disabling the option remeber to use the scroll bar to the right of the custom games list to scroll down to see all the lobbies since passworded lobbies are always listed after unpassworded lobbies, even if the unpassworded lobbies are empty

Additionally, consider putting something in the name of your lobby to specify that it is in fact, private
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9 days ago
unknownrankShaman I am aware of the Steam friends linking system but I wouldn't trust it enough to gate everything behind it working. I'd want to test it, and the relevant test would be with accounts that all log on for the first time. My friends list seems to be working too, but for all I know it took some time to propagate.

Passworded games hosted by friends are not filtered out. Maybe we already have a case of the friends list not syncing?
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