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Mod Request - Tech-K

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2 months ago
Generate tech levels using the various resizing and rescaling techs.
  • Constructors of tech level N can build the a tech N+1 version of the factory they are from.
  • Constructors and factories of tech level N build everything at tech level N. Maybe some sort of exception can be made for constructors building non-matching factories (ala TA), idk.
  • Units of higher tech level have multiplied stats.
  • Factory plates build with the tech level of the highest nearby factory.

The multipliers for tech level N+1 could be something like this:
  • 2^N cost
  • 2.5^N health
  • 1.5^N size
  • 0.8^N speed
  • 1.2^N range
  • 1.5^N AoE
  • 2^N buildpower
  • 3^N energy income
  • 1.5^N metal income

Units could also be tinted some angry colour, with increasingly angry colours for higher tech levels. Ideally some sort of auto-embiggening of CEGS would be applied too.

Increasing size is an issue, especially for structures. Perhaps units could just be stretched vertically. I never said this wasn't a silly mod.

I thought PLrankAdminSprung would enjoy this mod existing, but the mere idea is probably almost as good.
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2 months ago
I think PLrankRafalpluk has been making something of this vein, maybe he has sources somewhere.
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2 months ago
UNIT LEVEL UP (builder build thing +1 lv and more cost)
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2 months ago
If size and angry colors are hard, maybe veterancy icons could be used instead? (Assuming the tech levels are finite).
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