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who thinks im annoying/dislikes me/has me on ignore

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16 days ago
if so, downvote this
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16 days ago
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16 days ago
USrankLogix my friend you are what they call an aquired taste.
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16 days ago
i wanted a negative forum karma :(
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Firstly #offtopic, secondly im not a great courier of this message, but why attention-hoard publically?
I do not mean to insult you, but please stop this.
As for me, i do not have you on ignore.

(Not very active anymore, -> my previous post explains this pretty well, i still check the forum semi-regularly via a phone.)
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16 days ago
you already did this like 8 times give it a rest
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Theres multiple people i really dont like (youre not one of them). Even so this is a team game, to me the aspect of not getting a crucial information overweigths the calm gained by blacklisting people.

Next aspect: Someone who you have ignored can talk trash about you ingame without you even noticeing.
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13 days ago
it's satisfying to make downvote posts with 0 downvotes.
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