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thoughts on current fac plop at game start

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coming from the latest cold take https://zero-k.info/Forum/NewPost?threadID=37904

what if you are not limited to a fac to plop for your com?

* you have a credit of X metal/energy. (default = 800m/e so fac stays ploppable). maybe noobtron could advertise facplop?
* you plop anything instantly as long as you have credit.
* if you dont have enough credit (project costs more than available credit), planned unit/building is partially built instantly to the progress which uses the available credit.
* your credit is displayed at your com like the current "gift fac icon".
* start credit could customizable / be a game option

this would broaden/boost the strategy mix at game start.
this would probably be confusion/bad for new players or lead to disadvantage if used poorly.
you also could think of a hybrid approach. facplop + credit.
boosts game start even further. makes games faster/restart game faster. more games. this could improve finding games relating to small player base.

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you can make anything plopable and also make anything build fast but on testing this power i found its better restricted else it allows porc crawling (plopping stardust in enemy base) i mae a mod called king builder that works a bit like this.. restricting the power while allowing it
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12 days ago
I like the idea, but I'm afraid this will significantly buff all kinds of rushes. Maybe something like free factory and ~ 200 credits to build initial mexes and solars faster while not allowing 5 lobs to flash build singularity and die to flash built odin in the first minute of the game
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12 days ago
just be sure to concider tiny maps where you can reach enemy frontlines in 20 seconds from the start
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12 days ago
Seems like there are multiple variables you could solve for here.

"exit setup faster": [like in the article]
One option: Start the game with a free sparrow, somehow I feel this would limit creative openings a bit too much.
Another option: Engineer coms start with sparrow in the "engineer slot" regardless of fac. OP? Idk..

"sizeable army earlier":
One option: Facs have coupons too, can insta-build 1k worth of units.
Another option: Facs spawn in a few raiders to kickstart your army.
Both of these could lead to extremely quick matches, but I think it would somehow streamline play too much.

"sizeable economy earlier":
One option: First con is plopped together with the fac for free. Really hard to theorycraft on this one..
Another option: Increase com passive income. Also hard to figure out what this would do to the game.

"game over faster":
Lose commander = auto-resign. Would make FFA more fun to watch. And possibly even more disheartening to play.
Note that this is unlike BAR, where whole team can survive on one com..
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11 days ago
i kinda wonder if the old "Red ring" mechanics are still acessable some how, i only ever play with friends in custom games so it could be fun to experiment with that
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9 days ago
I like all the points, I might add my own little cent.

I like the very early stage of the game. To me, it is like the calm before the storm: Trying to catch the enemy's scout, expanding your sim city safely, knowing that it is all downhill from there.
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