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crashed twice in same spot

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i'm on ubuntu 14.04

the crash happened during game play when i had the com selected and hit 'e' to reclaim
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10 years ago
infolog line 464 says:

[f=0007001] Error: Segmentation fault (SIGSEGV) in spring 97.0.1-27-g0447d3e develop
[f=0007001] Error: Stacktrace for Spring 97.0.1-27-g0447d3e develop:
[f=0007001] Error: This stack trace indicates a problem with your graphic card driver. Please try upgrading or downgrading it. Specifically recommended is the latest driver, and one that is as old as your graphic card. Also try lower graphic details and disabling Lua widgets in spring-settings.

i see you have
GL vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
GL renderer: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
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10 years ago
yes, i'm using driver 14.6 Beta which i've just checked and is the latest on AMD's website

GPU is R9 270.
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the crash happened during game play when i had the com selected and hit 'e' to reclaim

This is very interesting, because is related to a few GUI features that can be inspected for their ability to crashkill ATI's.

Can you check if you crash when:
1) Generally using area-reclaim or reclaim commands?
2) Using them on other maps with your commander?
3) Using them as spectator in this same game before crash occurs "naturally"?
4) Not using them at all while watching replay of this game
5) Watching this game with /luaui disable
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10 years ago
Similar to this: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/8906 but I wasn't reclaiming at the time
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I have similar issues when I use lower graphics settings and it zooms out. Ironically settings at high produce no crashes as of yet.

Crashed several times in the same game after rejoin; reset graphics settings to default and rejoin was success.

ZK only. No BA testing done with that engine.

Ubuntu 12.04
ATI Radeon Catalyst Build: 14.10.1006.1001-140505a-171583E
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